Thirty Before Thirty by Griselda Benavides (3/47)

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In honor of my 30th birthday, I interviewed people from all over the world. Among the 30 is Jose Hernandez from Mariachi Sol de Mexico. An au pair is also included in the book, a sportscaster and many love stories, one of my favorite love stories is about a woman (my friend) who met her husband through an online dating website in 2000! Since then they got married and now have a son. The interview topics were about life, love, and travel. It is filled with stories that help soothe our souls, like the stories that talk about thriving under the most unusual of circumstances, like Chato’s story who was brought into the US a child and lived here ever since but recently deported a couple years ago. He had to learn to live in his ancestral country and start fresh.

The reader can also laugh at stories like Angie’s that talk about the emotions felt on a first date… And the reader can also learn through the interviewees who talk about traveling. Jorge, for example, talks about traveling to 29 countries, and Angie (different Angie from above) talks about her move from Newport Beach, California to Alaska! She talks about how she has to hunt for her food. At the very end of the 30 chapters, the reader is able to answer a Q&A session where they are asked what goals they themselves want to achieve when they want to achieve them by …etc. The idea was to create a positive book and a better outlook on turning 30.

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Contributors: Griselda Benavides from GriseldaBenavides

Written by Taegan Lion

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