Thirty Before Thirty by Griselda Benavides (5/46)

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Thirty Before Thirty has 30 different stories from people who live all over the world. It includes various stories where men share their travels, agonies, triumphs…etc. One of those men that shares his story is Jose Hernandez from Mariachi Sol de Mexico.

He’s a Grammy nominated artist and has appeared in many movies including Seabiscuit, among the other males included is a sportscasters, a relator…and many others. Couples also share their love stories in Thirty Before Thirty. It’s a self-help intended for male and females/families. At the end of the 30 chapters readers have the opportunity to answer a Q&A session that asks them questions like what goals they have, when do they want to accomplish them…etc.

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  1. Although I am far beyond thirty years of age, I found this book to be very inspirational. It is definitely a motivational book, as we hear from both men and women who have broadened their horizons through travel, , education, networking, and careers. What all those interviewed seem to have in common was a positive attitude towards life and faith in a higher power and themselves. They are individuals who want to make the world a better place, and they have been able to forge ahead and do so, even when life throws some barriers their way. They have accepted that “growing pains are part of the journey.” I highly recommend this “feel good” book.

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