Translating The ‘Hack And Slash’ (6/16)

I’m happy to say from my experience that the horror fans I have met are universally lovely, kind people. None of the hack-and-slash on the screen seems to translate into the lives of the fans. I do however think horror triggers discussions that are, much like the fear they create, insidious, undeniable and not entirely supported in the mainstream.

I know Get Out caused widespread discussion of race in the media, but that is the biggest example and there are many more films that have had grass-roots effects: Hereditary led to discussions of mental illness, Hostel to greed and the dangers of unfettered wealth, The Conjuring, and its sequels led to conversations about the veracity of ghost hunters and the debatable value of the Warrens and their claims, even Jeepers Creepers 3 led to a meta-conversation within the horror community about who should be allowed to make films and the ethics of production. Horror isa mirror we hold up to ourselves, and the relationship we have with it is personal, subtle and shakes us at the core.

Contributor: Ryan LaPlante from

Written by James Metcalfe

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