Tree Hugger – Perfect Christmas Gift (3/50)

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Love the ease of a fake Christmas tree, but hate seeing the bare pole at the end? Introducing the *Christmas Tree Hugger*! Huggers come in classic brown bark and white birch. 

Both reverse to a candy cane design. Adjust the height with the small velcro tabs, then wrap the Hugger around the pole and slide it up to where the pole meets the branches. 

Bring a tree skirt up to the bottom of the Hugger, and your tree has a seamless look—like a real tree! Each Hugger has the ability to go from classy to crazy by offering two designs in one. Brown Bark/Candy Cane or Birch Bark/Candy Cane. 

Adults love the realistic bark look and kids go crazy for the festive candy cane. 

Contributor: Tabitha Ziegmann from The Christmas Tree Hugger

Written by Ben Skute


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  1. I already grabbed this after seeing it on Shark Tank! It’s a wonderfully simple product that does what it says. My tree looks so much nicer without the cheap looking green pole at the bottom.

  2. Simple idea that we never knew we needed. It was a simple finishing touch that made our artificial tree look that much better. And, it feels quite durable. Thank you.

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