Tukon Waterproof Picnic Blanket (2/10)

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This Blanket makes a great present for anytime of the year. Give the ones you love a useful and lovely blanket they can enjoy with friends and family during park and camping outings. 

Product Features

  • This is a premium quality blanket, and it’s the softest and most practical you can find on Amazon. We tested all the competitors blankets before releasing our own, and therefore we used only premium quality materials and included all of the best features. We guarantee it’s the best picnic blanket 
  • Extra Large – When fully opened, the Tukon waterproof picnic blanket measures 79×59, making it one of the largest picnic blankets on Amazon. 
  • Durable & Waterproof – Don’t worry about wet grass, the Tukon outdoor blanket has an EVA backing that prevents water and moisture from penetrating it 
  • Zipper Pocket – Safely put your phone/tablet in the extra large blanket pocket, always have a safe place for them when at the beach, picnic, camping or outdoor 
  • Machine Washable – The picnic blanket can be machine washed. Make sure you have the temperature set to the lowest(e.g. 30°C) and also maximum 800 RPM

Contributor: Mircea Ureche from Tukon 

Written by Ben Skute

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