Use the holiday/seasonal discounts to your advantage (12/22)

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During the holidays, certain food items can be purchased at a steep discount and used for future dates. Typically, brats are on sale around Memorial Day and Labor Day, turkeys are on sale around Thanksgiving, and ham is on sale around Christmas. Ham and turkey can be cooked, cooled, diced/shredded/cubed, bagged, and frozen for future meals. Some items can be purchased immediately after the holidays at a discount. I purchase a gingerbread house kit every year 50-75% off the normal price right after Christmas, which my daughters and I assemble on New Year’s Eve each year as a tradition.

Many restaurants and stores offer special incentives if you purchase gift cards around Christmas time. If you know you will definitely use the gift card for the upcoming year, you could purchase the gift card for yourself and receive the additional bonus. For example, Culvers offers a free value basket if you purchase a $25 gift card the weeks leading up to Christmas.

I buy 4 gift cards to get four free meals and then use the gift cards throughout the year since my family enjoys eating there. I use my Discovercard cashback bonuses to pay for the gift cards. (I use my rewards credit card for most of my purchases, but it is always paid for in full when it is due. I also don’t spend extra on my credit card just for the cashback bonuses because that wouldn’t be worth it.) Winter coats can often be purchased at a steep discount at the end of winter. Shorts and t-shirts often go on sale towards the end of summer. You can use these sales to your advantage and purchase items (especially for children) for the next year.

Contributors: Brigitte Brulz from BrigitteBrulz  

Written by Ben Skute

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