Visual Identity: Tell A Story (4/18)

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We just rebranded as Rita Marie’s Chicken Coops. The biggest reason for the new brand name was to tell the story of who we are and why we are in this business. Our hope is that the new name, along with the new visual identity and marketing communications will resonate with our audience and grow our relationship deeper with our customers. One of the greatest exercises during this process was to make our mission more clear, and establish a set of values that we can plant our flag in. These pieces have become the DNA that everything else has grown from.

As far as the visual identity goes, one of the most helpful parts of that process was creating a mood board of brands, products, and aesthetics that resonate with our audience. We were able to use these to inform the graphic design process, all the way down to typography, color system, illustration and photography styles. Being a brand that lives mostly in the digital space made roll-out of the new brand fairly simple, we just needed to coordinate when everything launched. We didn’t have any complicated printed collateral or expensive signage that brick and mortar brands might have to coordinate.

Contributors: Simon Trask from Large Chicken Coops

Written by Zak Parker

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