What Customers Crave (3/10)

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One of the key takeaways from this book is the idea that humans find deep meaning in the act of serving. Great customer service is just that: service, not support.

Support is a reactive, where service is proactive. When that perspective permeates the entire company (from marketing to engineering to product to customer success), it puts the focus on the customer and helps the team get behind a common mission. Not only does this benefit the customer, but it also benefits the business because that act of service is where employees find deep meaning in their roles.

Another reason I like this book is that it emphasizes that you can’t be good at everything and that you must choose strategically. Once you start understanding this concept, the decision on where to be good should be driven by deep insight into who your customers are and what they need operationally. Rather than build a product/service that people will buy(product first/customer second), it’s better to understand your customer and build the product/service that serves them the most (customer-first/product second).

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Contributors: Chris Hull from Proof

Written by Ben Skute

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