Whose Apple is it, Anyway! by Linda F. Williams (1/42)

In the story of Adam and Eve, each blamed someone or something else for the choices they made, and nobody was claiming that apple. The truth is, none of it was about the apple. What’s really at the core of that fiasco went unnoticed. After years of destiny-diverting heartbreak that almost destroyed her life, career, and relationships, I give real-world tools to uproot covert mindsets that keep us stuck on the wrong side of destiny’s door.

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Contributor: Linda F.Williams from Whose Apple Dynamic Coaching and Consulting Services

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg


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  1. The book tells what people are afraid to talk about. This book bares the soul of the author. This book is for everyone. This book is about a person who persevered from defeat to triumph. it is a very inspiring and entertaining book. It is a must read. It will let you know that you are not alone .

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