Writers Tricks of the Trade by Morgan St. James (8/18)

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The book was originally compiled using 39 topics from my more than 600 published articles on the art and craft of writing for use as a back of the room book at my workshops and presentations. It has just been updated and expanded for 2018 and is available at most online booksellers in paperback, Kindle and ePub editions.

One of the reasons I recommend this book is that it is not a boring text book. Many people who bought the book tell me they keep it handy for inspiration as well as information. It is written in friendly prose with a touch of humor, touches on what works and what doesn’t work-much of it from my own experiences as the author of 16 books.

I liken it to the appetizer table at a buffet, with a little about a lot and information that can be used right away. For in depth information on specific aspects of writing there is a bibliography of books I have used myself at the end of the book. Any of the books on that list are very helpful, as I don’t recommend something I have not used myself.

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Contributors: Morgan St. James from MorganStJames

Written by Taegan Lion

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