Xtra-PC (3/8)

Xtra-PC is a flash drive USB that plugs in to your PC or Mac. Built on the proven foundation of Linux, it bypasses the old, slow, bloated Windows operating system to make your PC into a blazing fast, high-performance PC with a new, simple to use, operating system that has the familiar look and feel of your Windows PC or Mac OSX.

On average Xtra-OC can extend the life of your old computer by five years. The most critical computer failures are usually hard disk crashes and the device bypasses the hard drive so the life is extended many years. It even works with missing or faulty hard drives. Since it runs on a USB stick, your existing computer is not altered, and youʼll have access to all of your old files. You simply plug it in, restart your PC to boot into USB, and start using Xtra-PC! Xtra-PC is easy to use and made for speed.

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Disclaimer: PCs made after 2004 work with Xtra-PC (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7,8, 10). Most Macs made after 2011 will work with Xtra-PC. Xtra-PC runs from the USB slot so you don’t even need any operating system to be currently working on your computer. Your computer must be able to boot from USB. Most computers made after 2004 will boot from USB

Contributor: Ilana Youngheim

Company: pmbcgroup.com 

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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