You Can’t Google It! by Phyllis Weiss Haserot (1/16)

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I wrote this book which is of special value for young alumni, students and graduates: Still in their formative influence years, the content of the book prepares them for conversations and cross—generational relationships they struggle with when they enter the workforce and interview and start positions. It also helps them thrive as students in the diversity of views and new relationships they encounter. We hear so much of students’ over-sensitivity and flight from anything uncomfortable.

The messages, stories and specific action steps in each of the chapters relating to 10 traits and skills vital for success that you can’t google, will benefit alumni, students and staff of different generations they interact with by helping them get past the hype and stereotypes to understand each other and work more productively and collaboratively. You can’t develop trust, empathy, curiosity, relevance, perspective, high touch, confidence, for examples of some of the chapter headings, by searching on the internet.

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Contributor: Phyllis Weiss Haserot from Practice Development Counsel and YouCantGoogleIt

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg


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  1. Be prepared for a smooth transition into the working world by brushing up on your communications skills – as per Phyllis Haserot’s practical guide.

  2. I recently was graced with my last grandchild’s college graduation. I have given each of mine this easy reading intelligent and, most importantly, helpful book.

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