ZEEQ Smart Pillow (4/22)

ZEEQ has been called the Swiss Army Knife of Pillows. It combines 8 integrated wireless speakers, motion tracking sensors and an internal microphone tuned specifically to the Snore Band (the frequency of snoring). This allows the smart pillow to track your sleep, stream music and audiobooks, and help quiet the bedroom by issuing a subtle vibration when snoring is detected.

What else can ZEEQ do? When connected to either Alexa and IFTTT services, it can provide an audible sleep report, and act as a trigger to automate morning and night rituals like starting the coffee, turning down the lights and even locking the doors at night! Packed with adjustable memory foam filling and encased in supple Tencel hypoallergenic fiber, it’s the picture of comfort too!

Contributor: Kate Ortosky from remfit.com

Written by James Metcalfe

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