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Tasteful And Unique Accessories For The Home From John Lewis

Are you looking for some delightful and decorative additions to your home? From glassware to wall decorations, minimalist to colourful, John Lewis has something to set your living space apart from the rest.

All of the fantastic pieces listed below are available to order right now online.

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#1 Tom Dixon Warp Bowl

This colourful glass bowl is is blown by mouth and hand-painted, so each one is unique! The bowl is also formed by hand, so each one has an individual shape.

#2 SVAGA Forbidden Fruit Glass Ornament

This stunning ornament is another completely unique, handmade piece. With vivid splashes of red and gold, this little apple ornament is fresh and minimalist.

#6 LSA International Metallic Storm Lantern

These understated storm lanterns bring a relaxed, calm ambience to any room. Original in design, these dark metallic candle holders give a soft, muted feel and can be used with scented tea lights to really promote a chilled out vibe.

Available in three metallic shades; Copper, Gold and Platinum.

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Written by Ashlee