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Midlife Crisis And 6 Books That Will Help You Get Through It

Find the answers you’re looking for and shed some light on the confusing questions which eluded you for so long.

Going through a midlife crisis can be tough. The passion and energy might not be there anymore. But sometimes it’s the feeling of regret, the idea that you haven’t achieved anything. Where did all the motivation go?

Surprisingly, even the most successful people in the world are still prone to midlife crisis. Because no amount of fame and fortune can prevent a person from questioning his sense of self and purpose. And we wake up one day asking ourselves, “Is this all there is?”

Fortunately, I have listed 6 books that talk about this tremendous psychological shift, and its authors will help to guide, instruct, correct, train, and inspire you to find once again that long lost sense of fulfillment and direction. Here are the 6 books that will help you regain the clarity in life you’re looking for, and silence your self-doubting once and for all.

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#1 Happy Healthy You by KJ Landis

Most midlife crises have roots in childhood issues. Whether overt or hidden, we all have reflected upon choices and activities we could have done differently if we could do it all over again. The reflection and sometimes regrets come up in our middle years, the 40s and 50s. I have written a book that addresses many issues in midlife.

What better way to share stories and helpful tools than with my latest book, HAPPY, HEALTHY YOU. Mango Publishing published my fourth book about how to reduce stress and anxiety, what foods support hormones and aging, and actual tools for connecting with others in a real and honest way. This book shares movement approaches for total health, including hiking and Bikram hot yoga. Silence as a healer is taught in a new and easy manner to follow.

This is a total wellness toolkit with real stories of folks who have suffered extreme trauma and those dealing with every day drama and how they not just coped, but thrived. This is also available in eBook format and audiobook on every type of device. It’s perfect for last minute gift giving with instant, helpful impact on a loved one’s life.

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Contributor: KJ Landis from Superior Self 

#2 Great Second Acts by Marlene Wagman-Geller

Antony said of Cleopatra, Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale/Her infinite variety. Shakespeare's sentiment can be applied to the women profiled in Great Second Acts, who refused to be defined by the dates on their birth certificates. Their lives are testimony that one can be feisty after fifty, and to those who think otherwise, in the words of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I dissent. Marlene Wagman-Geller, author of Once Again to Zelda and Behind Every Great Man, presents a fascinating collection of biographical vignettes of dozens of older women who have excelled, inspired and achieved. 

Learn how these women changed their respective fields of art, politics, science, mathematics, media, literature, activism, education, and more. From actresses, yoga teachers and folk artists to business women, prime ministers, monarchs and authors, these exceptional women will illustrate that women can achieve anything, no matter their age.

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Contributor: Christina McCall from Mango Media

#3 Getting My Bounce Back by Carolee Belkin Walker

You don't have to run a marathon or suffer through a triathlon to be fit and healthy. But you do need an exercise habit. Especially as we age, exercise is not optional. Yet unless we had been athletes as kids or young adults, and few of us were, we do not know how to find our edge. Learning how to carve out time to meet our fitness needs or to push ourselves physically and mentally is one of the greatest challenges to aging well. 

Inspired by her highly popular blog Be the Dog, Carolee Belkin Walker's Getting My Bounce Back is a relatable story of what it's like to be a successful professional woman encountering all things fitness for the first time. Whether readers have never put on a pair of running shoes or tried again and again to form a fitness habit, they'll relate to the highs and lows of Walker's journey, which ultimately brought her stumbling onto a path to resilience and well-being. Through her fitness journey, Walker discovered powerful sense of confidence and resilience that she'd never had before. 

Getting My Bounce Back is about Walker digging in, discovering who she is, and seeing how far she can push herself to be strong, fit, healthy, and most importantly, resilient. Her writing is full of humorous situations as she decides to be an active participant in life and not take the setbacks, or herself, too seriously.

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Contributor: Christina McCall from Mango Media

#4 Badass Affirmations by Becca Anderson

If you affirm yourself every day, you can rule the world. More importantly, you can live a life filled with love, joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction thanks to your own positive self-regard. Badass Affirmations is the ultimate motivating, encouraging, and uplifting book to enjoy and share. Create your own ideal life and build your self-esteem with these positive daily affirmations. These very wise words have the power to touch our hearts, build confidence, make us laugh, and alleviate our stress―all while realizing the vast potential life has to offer. 

Becca Anderson, bestselling author of The Book of Awesome Women, serves up a memorable and inspirational banquet of positive self-affirmations, delicious bon mots, quips, and unforgettable quotes from movie stars, musicians, politicians, and women writers. Everyone from Malala to Madonna to Michelle Obama weighs in on the meaning of life with badass wit and timeless wisdom.

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Contributor: Christina McCall from Mango Media

#5 Every Monday Matters by Matthew Emerzian

The book was written by, entrepreneur, speaker and author Matthew Emerzain’s. For background, the book takes readers on a 52-week journey with actionable steps to reconnect them what really matters, redefine their purpose, and learn to create a larger impact. Matthew actually released his first book ten years ago, with a similar title, Every Monday Matters – 52 Ways to Make a Difference, in response to his own midlife crisis in which he took the plunge and left his career in the music industry to focus on this new project.

Now, Matthew’s second book comes at a time when mental health and wellbeing is at the forefront of concern for many. Matthew's newest book shares a message that engages a wide audience from parents, to overworked adults, to middle aged men/women looking for change - reminding them all the power in recognizing how much and why they matter. Matthew recognized the power Mondays hold and created this book to combat the Sunday scaries that so many people face. Through the steps provided in the book readers have the ability to interact with Every Monday Matters and live it out in real life, helping to reduce stress, increase their happiness and set intension for the week ahead.

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Contributor: Stephanie Jerome from Elle Communications 

#6 Say “NO” to Mid-life Crisis by Cynthia MacGregor

SAY NO TO MIDLIFE CRISIS is a self-help book that I authored whose title is self-explanatory. Here is an excerpt: I hardly need to list here the various reasons why we resent the years piling up; suffice it to say that most of us do. And for some, the realization that we’ve hit middle age sends us into a positive tailspin. We’re far from old. We’re not yet suffering most of the physical problems seniority brings, either. We’ve merely hit the third phase of our lives – the four phases being childhood, young adulthood, mid-life, and seniority. And yet the realization that we’ve hit that point impacts some of us like a blow to the solar plexus. Or the psyche. What is “middle age”? Everyone has her or his own idea of what delineates that phase of life.. The reality is, it doesn’t really matter. If, at thirty-five, you feel you’ve hit the midpoint of your life and are no longer “young,” you’re middle-aged in your own mind, and that’s all that really counts. If, at fifty-four, you feel you’ve yet to hit true middle-age, you’re right, too… for you.

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Contributor: Cynthia MacGregor 

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