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7 Wireless Keyboards that are Ideal for Home Offices

The 7 Best Wireless Keyboards for Home Offices

Switching to a Wireless Keyboard can be a great way to start to eliminate the clutter that wires create in your Home Office. These keyboards have all been recommended in 2020 so you are bound to find the right one for you below.

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

This product was recommended by Rahul Mohanachandran from Kasera

This is one of the best home office keyboards I have ever used for many reasons.

  • I work long hours in my full-time job and in my own business but the battery life of this keyboard is amazing as it lasted between 1.5 – 2 years.
  • It has shortcuts including one for the calculator which I use once every hour.
  • The keys have adequate space in between which prevents mistyping.
  • The price is surprisingly cheap as well.

Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard

This product was recommended by Anh Trinh from GeekWithLaptop

The Artech HB030B is a portable and lightweight keyboard that weighs only 7 ounces or 0.4375 pounds. It’s technically a gaming keyboard but it’s also very useful for work. Because it’s lightweight, you are able to work while lying on the bed, sofa, or someplace comfortable. It also features a backlit keyboard that makes it convenient to work at night. Lastly, the wireless keyboard is cheap and affordable as well. The Artech HB030B is simply an affordable cozy home gaming wireless keyboard that you should consider using.

Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360

This product was recommended by Kuan Yung Teng from Progress ABMS

The Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360 is one of the best wireless keyboards for your home office. The keyboard has a stunning three-year battery life thanks to its compact size. It is extremely enjoyable to use as the keys are amply spaced out. The keyboard also features F keys, audio control and a fully-functional number pad. Moreover, it is compatible with both Mac and Windows PC. The K360 by Logitech will definitely deliver a great user experience.

Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This product was recommended by Colin Ma from PC Game Haven

Contrary to the amazon listing title, it’s not just for gaming. The reason I got this was because I wanted a wireless mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are great for productivity, as the feedback you get from the response improves your typing speed. I do a fair amount of typing so improving my typing speed results in a lot more work being done. It’s not the cheapest keyboard available, but it’s a great option for someone who is willing to invest in a nice keyboard for productivity. I’ve had it for more than 9 months and already know my next one will be the same keyboard.

Logitech Wireless Keyboard K270 with Long-Range Wireless

This product was recommended by Vickie Pierre from USInsuranceAgents

When it comes to having a solid piece of equipment for your home office, this wireless keyboard has everything you could ask for. It delivers on its promise of long-range capabilities. It’s lightweight yet durable — making it perfect for any space you need to take it to. And as an added bonus, it has a number keypad and all of the functionality of a typical computer keyboard. Mine has been going strong for several years, and I highly recommend it.

Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard

This product was recommended by Phil Strazzulla from Select Software Reviews

If you’re working from home and you don’t have a dedicated office space – maybe you’re parked on the couch, or your kitchen table – a mouse isn’t always feasible to use. The Logitech K400 keyboard includes a 3.5-inch touchpad for basic browsing and control purposes. Benefits: – Light in weight – Great durability – Economical – Good working range in a connection-stable area (up to 33 feet) – Customizable multi-media keys – 18 month battery life – Works with both laptop and tablet – Smooth and good value for money – Compatible with any computer with a USB port

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

This product was recommended by Lilia Manibo from Anthrodesk

Designed for those who enjoy the portability of devices along with the convenience and efficiency of typing on an actual physical keyboard. Compact and portable, our keyboards, are the ideal companion to your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or Home Theater PC system. Lean back and enjoy convenient typing and multi-touch navigation right from your couch.

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