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If You Have Bitten Nails then These are the Nail Polishes for You

Nail Polishes for Damaged Nails

We’ve picked out these nail polishes with bitten nails in mind – these polishes have plenty of benefits that damaged nails such as bitten nails. Take a look below to start getting creative with your nails!

Essie Strong Start Nail Polish Base Coat

This product was recommended by Krystle GailUy from Kryz Uy

An effective basecoat that also strengthens and fortifies your nails is the kind of nail polish one needs for bitten or chipped nails. The Essie Strong Start Nail Polish does just that. Most people use it as a basecoat because it levels out the ridges without chipping. Essie loves to advertise how this product is their “champion of strengthening” for good reason: it has biotin and vitamin E to strengthen and reinforce nails, making them healthier and not easily broken. I know people love how easy it is to apply and how well it works in making nail polishes last much longer with no chips at all!

Mavala Stop Deterrent Nail Care Treatment

This product was recommended by Laurice from ClothedUp

It tastes absolutely terrible, making you stop biting your nails! The only downside is that it’s hard to eat hand foods with it on your nails, but it’s well worth the sacrifice if you have issues with nail-biting that you can’t seem to solve.

OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener, Nail Treatment

This product was recommended by Mary Winkenwerder from Smooth Cosmetics

Nail Envy Original from OPI is a mainstay in my beauty + care collection. When my nails chip or break, I can count on a single coat to revive them completely. Not only do they grow, they come back stronger. The natural finish is slightly glossy with a hint of matte finish. It’s a natural beauty + grooming perfection in one application and so much more!

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish

This product was recommended by Hamna Amjad from Heart Water

Bitten nails require extra care and nourishment from nail polish. This range provides 40+ gorgeous colors infused with argan oil that will provide instant moisture and intensive nourishment to your broken nails while you wear it. Use it in conjunction with Sally Hansen Maximum Nail Growth Program for the best results. Its silk protein formula gives problem nails the strength, protection, and flexibility they need to grow. Use this on bare nails and put your therapy color on top.

Nail Growth Serum

This product was recommended by Leslie Holland from Woo Me Beauty

Woo Me Beauty helps to solve that dilemma with our natural nail growth serum, a savior for brittle nails, and nail biters, the magic originates from nature and not from your favorite manicurist! Its natural blend of antioxidants, Biotin oil, Vitamin E, and Olive oil sinks in instantly to boost your natural nail growth and increases the circulation around your nails. In just two weeks of using this product, you’ll see stronger, longer nails.

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