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The Best Books For Bourbon Lovers – Recommended in 2020

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If you are a Bourbon lover, or you are looking for a gift for someone who is passionate about this spirit then you have come to the right place. These books are perfect for finding out more about the depth of this spirit, and there are some fantastic recipe books that incorporate bourbon to create amazing meals – take a look below.

Which Fork Do I Use with My Bourbon? by Peggy Noe Stevens

This product was recommended by Laura Beth Peters from Steel Magnolias Podcast

This book was written by trailblazing women in the bourbon world. Peggy Noe Stevens is the world’s first female master bourbon taster and the founder of the Bourbon Women Association. She was also one of the originators of the iconic Kentucky Bourbon Trail. The book is a wonderful resource for those wanting to conduct an at-home bourbon tasting and entertain with bourbon.. These ladies clearly have decades of experience hosting great parties!

BOURBON by Dr. Tim M. Berra

This product was recommended by Ajmal Dar from Moccasin Guru

This is certainly not a Bourbon for Dummies. rather it is a concise presentation of the Bourbon: history; distilling process; major brands; tasting tips and much more. The first part of the book gives the reader more of an introduction but the last third of the book goes into full details. This book would be enjoyed by both new and old bourbon enthusiasts.

The Best Bourbon Cookbook by Christina Tosch

This product was recommended by Amber Adams from Kitchens Ready

Extreme bourbon lovers will love taking their whiskey-love to the next level by incorporating it into recipes. This book is the best book for bourbon-infused recipes and there is something for everyone in this book from Bourbon Chicken to Sea Salt Bourbon Pecan Cookies. You can make a full bourbon-based meal!

Tasting Whiskey by Lew Bryson

This product was recommended by Jake Clements from Whiskey Jake

Lew does a great job of breaking down whiskey from start to finish. It is important to understand what whiskey is and where it comes from. The book breaks down what requirements whiskey has to meet in order to be bourbon while highlighting other styles of whiskey to see how they compare.

Whiskey Distilled by Heather Greene

This product was recommended by Jake Clements from Whiskey Jake

Heather tackles whiskey in an approachable style teaching you all about whiskey. From the origin of whiskey to an in-depth look at bourbon this book has it. This book lets you learn about whiskey and bourbon without being intimidated.

Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey by Michael Veach

This product was recommended by Jeremy Harrison from Hustle Life

This book is the best simply because it not only tackle bourbon but the American whiskey in general. It’s from a historian’s perspective and includes the history of bourbon as well as the technology they used to create it. Read the entire book and get an insight into how bourbon came to be.

Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible by Jim Murray

This product was recommended by Zack DeAngelis from Iron Smoke Distillery

Jim Murray is one of the world’s most prodigious whiskey aficionados. Murray has been writing the Whiskey Bible since 2003 and his latest 2020 edition includes 4,700 different kinds of whiskies that he has tasted himself. It’s a great source of knowledge for both new and experienced whiskey drinkers and gives readers a great guide on some of the best whiskies out on the market.

Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey By Michael R. Veach

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from BuyAutoInsurance

The history of Bourbon Whiskey is colorful and dramatic and this book takes readers through the journey in a compelling way. Veach shares his storytelling brilliance and shares the true stories and the myths of Bourbon’s place through the American story. His theory of origin is interesting and possible.

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