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The 6 Books On Automation Testing You Need to Know About

Our Top Picks for Books in 2020

If you are interested in Automation Testing then these are our top pick books for you. There are a range of books below so you should be able to find a book that builds off what you know already to enhance your knowledge about this area. Take a look below to find out more.

Experiences of Test Automation by Dorothy Graham

This product was recommended by Ethan Taub from Goalry, Inc

In this book you’ll learn from others’ experiences. It is a collection of various automation implementation stories. Different people have solved different automation problems in different manners- learn from this book how they implemented it, challenges faced, solutions and much more.

Science of Selenium by Kalihur Rahman

This product was recommended by Andrew Roderick from Credit Repair Companies

Without doubt selenium is the true love for all automation testers. However, nothing comes without a cost, selenium also poses a lot of difficult challenges for automation testers. In this selenium guidebook, you’ll learn how to use selenium step by step, the difficult and comprehensiveness of this book is beyond all others. The steps are essential to achieve the advanced skills and automation specified in this classic.

The Just Enough Software Test Automation by Daniel J. Mosley

This product was recommended by Jase Rodley from DialedLabs

This book is just enough for every test automation engineer. One of the best books that are loved by beginners to advanced level automation test engineers. In this book you’ll learn what and when to automate, test requirements, creating a test case, automating unit testing, development of automation test script, automated integration testing, automated regression testing, and a huge mountain of automation.

Clean Code by Robert C. Martin

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

This book is a must for any developer, software engineer, project manager, team lead, or systems analyst with an interest in producing better code.

Implementing Automated Software Testing by Elfriede Dustin

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

Implementing Automated Software Testing: How to Save Time and Lower Costs While Raising Quality by Elfriede Dustin builds on some of the proven practices and the automated testing lifecycle methodology (ATLM) described in Automated Software Testing and provides a renewed practical, start-to-finish guide to implementing AST successfully.

The Agile Samurai by Jonathan Rasmusson

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

The Agile Samurai: How Agile Masters Deliver Great Software by Jonathan Rasmusson gives you the tools to set up and lead your agile project from start to finish. If you are an analyst, programmer, tester, usability designer, or project manager.

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