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Researching Business Automation? These are the 12 Books You Need

Our Top Pick Books by Theme in 2020

Whether you are a beginner in this area or you are looking for a more advanced breakdown of this topic you should be able to find the perfect book for you below. The reviews speak for themselves, so get reading!

The 4 Hour Work-Week by Tim Ferriss

This product was recommended by Samiksha S Rawool from YummyTummyRecipes

This is a motivational book which is very action driven. This book has profiles, case studies and tips on many successful digital nomads. It helped me set up a successful food blog which today has 50K daily visitors and 5000+ social media followers.

Automate Your Income by Phil Laboon

This product was recommended by Daniel Foley from DanielFoley

The writing style of this book is great, it gives you a ton of knowledge in a quick easy to read format. Phil details the processes of automation he used to build and run a number of different businesses. Stripped of business and technical jargon this guides you through the process in a very conversational style, making it an engaging as well as helpful read. This book is a valuable resource for business owners who are looking to implement automation, it has longetootu as it can be returned to time and time again while building your business.

The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less By Sam Carpenter

This product was recommended by Samantha Moss from Romantific

This book gives you great insights through personal experience and strongly advises to know to reduce working hours and increase productivity.

Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You By John Warrillow

This product was recommended by Samantha Moss from Romantific

This book helps to best understand how to systematize your business and identifies the problems of entrepreneurs when building a business.

Leading Digital by Andrew McAfee

This product was recommended by Hamna Amjad from Printex Graphics

This book stresses on the importance of having a digital vision to move in the right direction. It’s a guide with examples of real companies in diverse industries that have improved their business models with the help of digital technologies. There are also questionnaires which can help you assess the status of your business with regards to digital and leadership capabilities and help you figure out how you can automate your processes to achieve your digital vision.

The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande

This product was recommended by Tatiana Gavrilina from DDI Development

Why is it worth reading? It provides you with an easy-to-use tool that you can use to get your affairs in order. It’s about checklists. Lists of tasks to be performed are useful in the context of any task, from simple to very complex. Three industries are outlined in the book as examples – medical, building and aviation – for readers’ convenience. It is much more useful to perceive information that concerns specific business areas and specific tasks, don’t you agree? Why are checklists useful? According to the author, checklist allows you to structure your knowledge and prioritize tasks. Until you write down the tasks, they will be unclear. Until the task is unclear, it is unachieved. The checklist allows you to see not only the tasks that are necessary to be performed, but also their correlation and sequence. Checklists also improve teamwork because all team members see a clear scope of tasks and can distribute them without guesswork. I think the book The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right reminds us of what is important in business – structuring and applying what we are working on. Order in your head leads to order in your business.

Invisible Selling Machine by Ryan Deiss

This product was recommended by Shiv Gupta from Incrementors

In this book, Ryan Deiss provides you a strong system for email marketing and lead generation. He provides practical techniques that you can implement right away in your email campaigns. The book dissects some powerful marketing tools and breaks it down into steps and each leading to the next level. With the system in this book, you could automate and perpetuate your entire sales process and watch your business grow.

The Sales Funnel Book v2.0 by Nathan Williams

This product was recommended by Karl Armstrong from EpicWin App

In this book, Nathan Williams transforms the intricate system of business automation (particularly marketing automation) into an understandable concept. Using comprehensive frameworks, checklists, flow charts and formulas, it will guide you to understand the importance of sales funnels and automation in your business. However, what made me really hooked reading it was Nathan William’s smart quotations empowering his readers in a contagious manner. For example: NOT “Get Rich Quick” or “Make Money Without Doing Work” But, it’s MUCH faster than randomly figuring it out through years of trial and error. Not only that it is relevant and relatable. His words were remarkable enough to inspire other readers and entrepreneurs. Which I believe is the goal of every book or writing context. This might be one of the unpopular ones. Yet, its readers rated it as 4.29 out of 5 in Goodreads so it’s highly recommended and worth the time.

Applied Artificial Intelligence by Mariya Yao

This product was recommended by Catriona Jasica from BestMarketingSeo

Applied Artificial Intelligence is an outstanding book which talks about how AI can be used to bring about innovation in business through data, design and technology. Also, it’s a practical guide and provides great knowledge of machine learning. Above all, this book had been selected as the Top Technology Book of the Year in 2018. To get your hands on this book, you can latch on to TVC which holds a long array of stores that have this book racked up.

Clone Yourself by Jeff Hilderman

This product was recommended by Catriona Jasica from BestMarketingSeo

Clone Yourself is a wonderful book that made it to the top 20 books to make you a better mentor in 2020 by Forbes. This masterpiece is all about how to run your business in a way that makes it much more rewarding instead of a burden. It provides insights for boosting productivity, organization’s culture, empowerment, and personal & financial rewards.

Fundamentals of Business Process Management by Marlon Dumas

This product was recommended by Robin Madelain from Ranksoldier International Pvt Ltd

Fundamentals of Business Process Management or BPM by authors Hajo A. Reijers, Marlon Dumas, Marcello La Rosa, Jan Mendling gives you in-depth information about how one needs to perform in an organization to manage constant levels of output.

Business Process Management by Jim Sinur

This product was recommended by Robin Madelain from Ranksoldier International Pvt Ltd

Business Process Management: The Next Wave by Jim Sinur, Peter Fingar, James A. Odell let to enjoy clarity on the significance of an inevitable balanced approach between order and chaos to mark the smooth functioning of a company else organization will collapse. BPM is a guide to those who want to learn the ropes of business and economics.

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