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Experts Tell Us the Best Iphone Games

This article showcases our top picks for the Best Iphone Games. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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This product was recommended by Erik Pham from Health Canal

GeoGuessr is a game that I personally recommend for people who wants to improve their geography skills. The game is pretty simple but really fun, the game gives you a street view of a location and it’s up to you to determine where you are in the world. Another thing worth mentioning is that there’s competitive play as well so you can test your skills with other players online and prove to them that you are a better guesser or simply a well-traveled individual.


This product was recommended by Erik Pham from Health Canal

Shadowverse is another game that I highly recommend for those short commutes. Matches can last between 5-10 minutes with the occasional 15-minute match if things really get intense. Most people tend to label it as “Anime Hearthstone” but it brings its own things to the table such as new mechanics, better interface, and of course being free to play friendly. The generosity of the devs is what I like about this CCG (Collectible Card Game). Events can give you 120 packs or more which is more than enough to build your perfect deck. And if that wasn’t enough they reward players with temporary gems which you can use to buy legendary cards to try them out. And even though it’s temporary, you’ll be able to use these legendaries for months! Overall, Shadowverse is an amazing CCG that’s worth trying out.

Train Conductor World

This product was recommended by John Vo from Your Destination Is Everywhere

Train Conductor World is one of the best iPhone games I have ever played. As a player, you get to visit various cities throughout Europe and act as a train conductor. Trains in different colors will appear and your job is to direct them into the correct terminals. Not only that it is fast-paced and exciting, the visual aspect of the game is very pleasing as well. Each city is presented in a way that inspires you to visit it in real life.


This product was recommended by Patrick Duku from Verified Gambler

The best iPhone game that I’ve played is a game called Archero. It’s extremely fast paced and super addicting so you can get into the game really quickly. You are an archer and you have to remove all the enemies on the map before moving forward. It requires you using items and dodging enemy abilities so it is very skill based. The best thing about it is that it’s free.

Shadowgun Legends

This product was recommended by Harriet Chan from CocoFinder

The game is a phone-based first-person shooter and among those that pushed smartphones to the limits. It allows players to fight against alien invaders threatening to end life on earth. You will be interested and enjoy over 200 missions on the single-player campaign with PR and need to be famous as a warrior celeb for access to various rewards.

FIFA Soccer

This product was recommended by Harriet Chan from CocoFinder

Soccer is undoubtedly the biggest sport in the globe which makes sense to be included in the iOS sports game section. The game puts you in charge by making you the manager of your ultimate team to select players from across the world. Gamers with the best teams can take advantage of available bonuses.

Beyond a Steel Sky

This product was recommended by Harriet Chan from CocoFinder

This is the long-awaited follow-up of the adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky in 1994. It honors the source material but with more recognition and incorporation of ways the point-and-click genre has evolved.


This product was recommended by Joy Marie Pilapil from Calibre Cleaning

I have a deep appreciation for word games. I have enjoyed playing this game called Wordscapes. As I work remotely, it’s a great way to pass the time during my break time and test my range of vocabulary to use. It is a text twist of a word game that helps sharpens one’s mind.

Force Legend: Zombie Invasion

This product was recommended by Yasir Shamim from PureVPN

It’s my all-time 2D favorite game. It’s a zombie shooter game with 6 chapters and each chapter has 6 levels but the last level is boss. One of the chapters can be accessed only if the user has a special chapter. Moreover, Each character has their own different weapons and bullets. The game is quite interesting and addicting.

Minigore 2: Zombies

This product was recommended by Yasir Shamim from PureVPN

In this game, you have to help JOHN GORE fight his way through sunny lakes, graveyards, and freezing plains into a stormy forest where the legendary METUSALEM has brought to life murderous chefs, giant lumberjacks, killer penguins, a single moose, three hundred rabbits and the entire undead army of the COSSACK GENERAL.

The Sorcery! Adventure

This product was recommended by Tom Winter from DevSkiller

If you want to get immersed into an amazing fantasy world where your choices matter, it’s easy to recommend Inkle’s Sorcery! Adventure series, based on Steve Jackson’s books. Role-playing games are a lot of fun to play even by yourself, and this series opens up a world that will capture your imagination. There are lots of things to explore, characters to meet, and enemies to battle. The puzzles are genuinely hard, but fair if you give the right amount of attention to the environment and the logic of the world. In this game, you will really feel how your decisions are important to the ending that you will receive, and that you are a hero worthy of your title!

Monument Valley

This product was recommended by Sherry Morgan from Petsolino

If you are fond of puzzle games like me, a puzzle game that doesn’t cheat you out of moves or make you match three blocks then this is what you’re looking for. I like how Monument Valley gave a bit of a challenge and a whole lot of beautiful art in each level. In this game, you must lead a princess through a series of structures built on optical illusions. Don’t be intimidated by the tricky designs though, once you figure out how the game works you’ll be able to solve the puzzles in just a few minutes. Four dollars might seem steep for a mobile game but it’s really worth it plus, if you’re craving more puzzles later, the sequel will definitely satisfy you.

Among Us

This product was recommended by Sean Harris from Swing Coaches

I am suggesting this game because you can play and invite your friends to play with you. You can create a room and put a private code so that you can either allow others to join or make it in public or make the room in private so that you and your friends can only join the room. This is not only a strategy game but also a game to test your social skills to survive.


This product was recommended by Hitesh Patel from RRPJewellers

If you are a lover of clean and minimalistic games, Blek is perfect. Blek is not just a game but also a great game to train your brain for problem solving. The game asks you to solve puzzles. It is a very simple game that one can simply play for hours.

Battle of Polytopia

This product was recommended by Hitesh Patel from RRPJewellers

The newest and most popular member of the Apple game store is the Battle of Polytopia. It is a classical simulation game where you are made the head of a tribe for which you have to plan strategies of expansion and warfare. You can play the game solo or in multiplayer. You can play against your friends or even randomly selected people online. The game involved building a territory and protecting it from enemies and invaders.


This product was recommended by Hitesh Patel from RRPJewellers

A simple concept covered in a very quirky way. Brawlhalla is a fighting game but with super colourful graphics. Two players fighting each other but the twist is, your weapons are unique. Your only way to win is to knock the enemy against the stage. This is a superb game to keep yourself engaged and also boost your self esteem.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

This product was recommended by Max Eiten from Fish Tank Authority

It’s an open world with endless possibilities where you can build and craft almost anything. It has good AI for NPCs, monsters, and animals in different types of environments. I know Minecraft is available on all gaming platforms. But the best experience for me is on IOS. With all the devices I have MCPE on, it’s my iPhone that I wasn’t able to experience frame drops or hiccup on the game, and it loads my world faster. The game doesn’t take a lot of battery juice that much so I can stay and play the game for hours and not have my iPhone heat up. If there will be new updates for the game for Mojang, the App Store gets it right away.

Leo’s Fortune

This product was recommended by Max Eiten from Fish Tank Authority

This is the first game I ever bought in the IOS apps store. It’s a side scroller game with fantastic graphics and meticulously crafted levels. Leo is furball with a swag mustache looking for his stolen fortune and follows the coin dropping of the culprit. Leo has the skills to scroll the walls and have himself inflated to slow down his landing, The UI of the game is simple enough for you to admire the level design and the in-game physics that makes this game immersive and enjoyable.

Pokemon Go

This product was recommended by Andy Nguyen from OhWeCook

The best iPhone game for me is Pokemon Go. Since the day Pokemon Go was released and hit the App Store, I have been catching Pokemons all year round. Even though the game is also released on Android. Pokemon Go on IOS seems to have an advantage. Comparing to an Android device I get to have lots of spawns of Pokemons on an iPhone. There’s no log whatsoever If I toss a Pokemon ball or fighting gym leaders. The apps feel best suited as well on IOS as it doesn’t drain lots of juice having GPS and mobile data on. I love Pokemon Go as a game since Pokemon are based on the places or location. Some Pokemon are available only in certain places like if it water-type Pokemon they only appear in places where there are bodies of water. I have enjoyed this game a lot and it will always be installed on my iPhone.

Crossy Road

This product was recommended by Jen Jones from Your Dog Advisor

Crossy Road is my favorite IOS game ever! It’s a simple yet addictive game for me. It’s interactive and colorful. I have 20 minutes of time to spare and enjoy. This is the first game that comes to my mind. The game has a score and an award system and achievement records to beat. What I enjoy the most is collecting the coins scattered in difficult places around the game to receive and claim surprises and gifts such as bonus rounds and additional characters. Mallard is my favorite of all.

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