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Experts Tell Us the Best Board Games for 7-Year-Olds

This article showcases our top picks for the Best 7 Year Old Board Games. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Catan Junior

This product was recommended by Josh M from Plumbinglab

It is a fun game to tease the child’s brain. It involves the players avoid the Ghost Captain and control the seven pirate hideouts to win the game.

Hasbro Gaming CONNECT 4

This product was recommended by Josh M from Plumbinglab

This is a classic game to increase kid’s attention span. It involves the players to get four checkers in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally and the first one to make it wins the game.

Hasbro Gaming Guess Who? Game

This product was recommended by Ted Mosby from CamperAdvise

This is the best interactive games for kids. Kids can have a lot of fun attempting to guess each other’s mystery character by asking yes or no questions. Hasbro Gaming is a one-stop shop for filling your games closet, offering everything from classic tabletop board games to up-and-active games for preschoolers to laugh-out-loud party games. Also, this game will probably be enjoyed by kids and definitely will be one of their favourite games.

Monopoly Junior Board Game

This product was recommended by Charmaine Allen from LuvMeKitchen

Monopoly is one of those games that the whole family can play. This junior monopoly game is a kid friendly version of the adult game we are all familiar with. This junior monopoly game comes with kid friendly tokens and the children are able to purchase their own property such as zoos or video arcades. This is a great game where the whole family can join in and parents get to teach their children about counting and simple math transactions.

HackBots, Easy Strategy Card Game

This product was recommended by Brenda Ekstroem from Blue Ninja Studios

Perfect for game night with family or friends, HackBots is a fun, easy-to-learn game that kids, teens and adults will enjoy playing! In this spirited card game of sabotage, the goal is to increase your opponents’ risk and hack their devices before they hack you. Need reinforcements? Call in the HackBots for a strategic attack!

Ravensburger Labyrinth Family Board Game

This product was recommended by Anna Marikar from In The Playroom

Labyrinth is the perfect level of complexity for a seven year old. It’s not too complicated to leave them frustrated but definitely has more depth than the basic board games aimed at younger children. The game involves racing to collect treasures, but the whole time the maze keeps moving! Labyrinth gets kids thinking strategically and it is great fun for the whole family.

Scrabble Junior Game

This product was recommended by Olivia Tan from CocoFax

The Scrabble game happens to be the most fascinating board game to engage in. It helps the player in building and learning fantastic new words and lest we forget, it comes with a token to keep track of scores.

Uncle Wiggly Game

This product was recommended by Jar Kuznecov from Water Softeners Hub

The farm animal game is a unique, interactive way for children to learn rhymes and follow instructions. The brightly-coloured board makes it fun as well! It might not be much of an entertaining option if you’re over ten years old, though – but that doesn’t mean younger kids won’t enjoy themselves with this simple ruleset.

Tiny Epic Galaxies

This product was recommended by Adil Advani from WELLPCB

Kids and adults alike will be drawn to the beautiful space artwork in Tiny Epic Galaxies, a game that has more than enough strategy for those who love all things ComicCon.

King of Tokyo

This product was recommended by Stephen Curry from CocoSign

This board game is for 2 to 6 players who can choose to be mutant monsters, gigantic robots, and strange aliens – all of whom destroyed Tokyo and fought till the end for becoming the King of Tokyo. The aggressive player will stay in Tokyo, and earn extra points to win, but that player can’t heal and has to face all the other monsters alone! To win a game, one has to destroy Tokyo by accumulating 20 points to win or be the only beast to survive once the battle is over. It is easier to understand and better rules for an excellent engaging gaming experience.

Mexican Train Dominoes Game

This product was recommended by Kris Silvey from Elevated Coffee Brew

My wife actually bought the game for me, but when my daughter (who is a very social little person) saw that we had a new game to play, she quickly took her space at the table. I was a little unsure at how well she would handle the game but she picked it up with ease. Not only that, but by the second night (when she brought out the game and demanded we play again) she was already making ridiculously long starting trains all by herself. She hasn’t won a game yet, but she gets better each time. Plus, she likes to make toot-toot sounds each time she moves her miniature train around!

Connect 4 Grab & Go

This product was recommended by Richard Lubicky from RealPeopleSearch

I suggest this game for the whole family, particularly children will love it. And adults have fun too. It’s a good quality product with a suitable size for handling discs and inserting them into the game grid. The game itself has been great for improving kids ‘attention and concentration, as well as developing logical reasoning and abstract thinking. All this in a fun and challenging way.

Family Board Game – Wildcraft

This product was recommended by Alina Clark from CocoDoc

The game itself is fun for all ages, and I love the concept of cooperative play, but his game doesn’t really teach you as much as it could. You have a problem card, and then you have herb cards you can use to remedy the problem, i.e., a scraped knee or a bee sting. But it doesn’t tell you which part of the plant to use or why it’s used or even how. Please consider making this game educational because it has great potential. Maybe include a pamphlet with some basic information due to limited space on the cards themselves.

Hasbro Operation Electronic Board Game

This product was recommended by Sally Stevens from FastPeopleSearch

I also bought this and received the classic version. As far as I’m concerned, this classic version is by far more superior than the newer version. The classic version helps promote problem solving and has an element of difficulty to support it. Makes succeeding much more satisfying for both kids and adults. The doctor cards and money (which are not in the new version) add an element that makes the classic version a more complete game all around.

Hasbro Gaming Clue Junior

This product was recommended by Todd Bissell from RideFAQs

The Clue Junior game allows kids to solve a whodunnit mystery on their own terms, without the need for a murder. Instead, they must figure out who ate the last slice of cake before the other detectives get on the scene. All of the parts, including the board, are designed to allow youngsters to have fun without fear of dying. Don’t worry, the game has altered slightly, but it is still a strategy game that encourages students to think and solve problems. Other amusing new components include a biologist with a sweet tooth. It can accommodate up to six players aged five and up, but most seven-year-olds enjoy it since mystery fascinates them at this age.

Quick Cups, Match ‘n’ Stack, Cup Stacking Family Game

This product was recommended by Lynda Fairly from Numlooker

Although hyper kids might not like this Quick Cups game, it would be a top-notch game for a fast-paced family game night as it examines your reflexes. Such an interactive game wants you to contemplate fast and take action quickly. All you have to do is flip a card, then race to manage your cups in the correct order to ring the bell. When you win this round, you will collect a card and have to amass enough cards to conquer this board game.

University Games Rubik’s Race Game

This product was recommended by Lynda Fairly from Numlooker

It’s another fun game for 7-years and more, where they can play a fast-paced tile game against a single contender. However, it looks more like a modified Rubix cube from the 80s with a widescreen dividing the board’s two sides. You can use a shaker to scramble the board into a brand-new pattern. Take your love for Rubik’s to the next level by trying its fundamental challenges and race against your family and friends to slide those colored tiles.

Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters

This product was recommended by Eden Cheng from PeopleFinderFree

This is a cooperative game that brings a spooky element any 7 year old is bound to enjoy. The game’s premise revolves around a bunch of kids who manage to find their way into a haunted house and end up spending the night fighting a swarm of ghosts. However, despite the game’s being easy to understand, winning it can be quite challenging, as it requires a good amount of planning and strategy. This is because you have to find a way to grab the treasure and then carry it out of the mansion, all while somehow stopping the ghosts from overrunning the mansion at the same time. But the real challenge is figuring out when to work together, when to fight, when to separate, or when to run for the treasure.

Arcane Wonders Onitama Board Game

This product was recommended by Geninna Ariton from Trendhim

Created by a Japanese game designer, Onitama is like a mini chess game. This is a 2-player strategy game, perfect for training those little minds. Comes in a gorgeous box, suitable for gift giving.

Wizards of the Coast DandD Dungeon Board Game

This product was recommended by David Bowen from Bordeaux Undiscovered

Dungeon a simple, fast board game from Wizards of the Coast is a quick and easy way to share all the fun of the D&D experience with children who might be a little too young to get to grips with the granddaddy of all role-playing games. It’s a game that embraces the thrills of exploring strange dungeons, collecting treasure, and racing back to the finish to claim victory. My now seven-year-old son adores it and wants to play all the time, which I’m pretty sure means that it’s a winning board game for children his age.

Chess Armory Chess Set

This product was recommended by Archaic Clay from Rank Chess

Did you know that all of the Chess world champions started playing Chess younger than 10 years old? Chess Grandmasters work through three decisions with 8 potential counter-moves every time they touch a Chessboard. Chess is great for young kids to learn a move, counter-move, and consequence mentality from a competitive board game.

Rubik’s Race Game

This product was recommended by Shiv Gupta from Incrementors

The game is designed to seem like a modified Rubix cube from the 1980s, with a screen between the two sides of the board. Shake the board to create a new pattern. The good times don’t stop there. Children may play the game in a variety of ways, for example by utilizing a Rubik’s cube to expand their pattern ideas. In the traditional game, both sides try to match the new pattern. Though the game appears easy, winning requires skill and quickness!

Taco vs Burrito

This product was recommended by Shiv Gupta from Incrementors

Taco versus Burrito, a unique card game created by a gaming-loving 7-year-old, got its start on Kickstarter. Your kid will learn strategy, improve their sense of humour, participate in friendly competition, and ignite their imagination and creativity with this 10- to the 15-minute game. Two to four players compete to build the strangest burritos or tacos using unusual ingredient cards, such as Month-Old Sushi, or action cards that change the game, such as Food Fight. At the end of this fast-paced game, the person with the most points wins.

Brain Games ICECOOL – A Fast & Fun Penguin Flicking Board Game

This product was recommended by David Scott from Top Reviews

This is a unique game that requires agility and precision. With a flick of a finger, it’s either you win or lose! My kids love playing this with their younger cousins since it is easy to set up and play.

Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasure! Beat the Ogre Cooperative Game

This product was recommended by David Scott from Top Reviews

I like this game because it teaches my kids cooperation; it’s a game that needs everyone to work together in order to win!

Hasbro Gaming The Game of Life Game

This product was recommended by Chloe Choe from Off Hour Hustle

The Game of Life is perfect for 7 year olds because it allows parents to teach their kids about important milestones in life such as going to college, having debt, taking out insurance, having kids, and retiring. This game allows kids to make their own decisions on life and reap the benefits or consequences of their decisions. Kids are able to learn about managing their money and the concept of saving vs. spending on important things such as college and a home.

Bugs in the Kitchen – Children’s Board Game

This product was recommended by Usman Khan from Travel Skoolz

Bugs in the Kitchen board game is one of the best board games for 7-year-old kids. It is very interesting and easy. It is a very easy-to-learn game. The playing time for this game is 15 minutes for 2-4 players. The components are made with high-quality materials, they look durable and premium quality. You can buy this game on Amazon.

Star Realms Grand Bundle of Base Game

This product was recommended by Jonathan Tian from Mobitrix

Star Realms is one of many Dominion clones on the market. It pits two players against each other in a space warfare theme, with each player starting with 50 authority points and having to reduce the opponent’s AP figure to zero first. Cards of the same color/category have synergistic effects, which can provide the player with more money, attack points, or other benefits than the two cards would provide individual, and some cards, known as bases, are left on the board for future turns until the opponent destroys them.

North Star EVO_Beg Game

This product was recommended by Jonathan Tian from Mobitrix

Evolution, like Star Realms, is a Kickstarter success story, with North Star Games picking it up for an entire print run. Evolution players start with a single herbivorous species and must add features to it to help it thrive while also safeguarding it from attacks from other players’ carnivores. Plant food gets scarcer as the game proceeds, pushing species to shrink or perhaps extinction, while Carnivore trait cards are used to create more meat-eaters that consume other species. The main allure is the combination of individual growth tactics and the interaction of trying to eat your opponents out of the game. For evolution denialists, there is a variant in which they should set up the game, as usual, then declare a winner without making any moves.

Valley of the Kings

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

Valley of the Kings is a Dominion clone with a few tweaks to the core mechanic. Players are archaeologists trying to assemble collections of artifacts that will lead to more points at the end of the game—but only if the player has entombed those cards, removing them from their hand to ensure they’re scored. Cards come in various colors and categories; as long as the cards are different, getting more cards within a category leads to exponential point gains. The table includes a pyramid of six cards from which players can choose, but it takes a while to get going because the starting hands aren’t handy.

Five Tribes

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

Five Tribes is another blockbuster from Days of Wonder, Ticket to Ride, and Small World makers. It starts games with meeples all over the board and asks players to move them around and remove them… for pleasure and profit, of course. Players arrive in the imaginary sultanate of Naqala and attempt to claim tiles by removing the final meeples from them, thus seizing ownership of them for the rest of the game. Players get points for the tiles, palm trees or palaces on those tiles, money, white and yellow meeples, products collected, Djinns, bonus cards that provide players special abilities during the game, and points at points the finish. The setup and scoring are a little complicated, but the gameplay is simple once you understand all of the possibilities.

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