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Experts Tell Us the Best Ys Games

This article showcases our top picks for the Best Ys Games. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Ys: The Oath In Felghana

This product was recommended by Alina Clark from CocoDoc

The graphics remind me of an old nintendo game. This is a great old school game. The soundtrack rocks (for the time period this game was made) and this game is a blast to play. The story flows in the same direction, the dungeons can become a little tiersome, but flow is very nice overall. Really dug the script. Granted, I’m not a serious gamer, and played it on super easy, but hey: that’s just me.

Ys Ix: Monstrom Nox

This product was recommended by Callum Marshall from Gamer Guyde

I feel that when it comes to the YS series, they just keep getting better with each iteration and this is true of the most recent in the series, YS IX Monstrum Nox. The game offers a brand new story which is arguably the most gripping yet, it has lots of new abilities, skills and combat mechanics that do a lot to push the series forward. It is a great game for new and returning players due to it’s self contained nature, so you won’t feel alienated by convoluted plotlines present in competing JRPGS, it offers a fair challenge that doesn’t hold your hand throughout, traversal feels much more fluid and satisfying, and overall, it’s a typically frantic and fast paced experience which is what we have come to expect from the YS series.

The Dawn Of Ys

This product was recommended by Olivia Tan from CocoFax

The Dawn of Ys is the only non-canon Ys game that compares to the rest of the series, even outshining most entries in the franchise. The “fourth” game, The Dawn of Ys was retconned by Memories of Celceta (technically by Mask of the Sun in the olden days), but it’s nonetheless a triumph in game design. Dawn has some of the best music, dungeons, and boss fights in the series. The story is simple for Ys but executed so well that it hardly matters.


This product was recommended by Daniel G. Leone from NJ Law Results

Yahtzee is a tonne of fun to play at home with your friends and family, and it’s classed as a ‘battle game’ for a reason. This game can get really competitive, which I think is what makes it so fun.

Regal Games – Kids Classic Card Games

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

This Regal Game includes six classic children’s card games that will keep them entertained for hours. The extra-large cards estimate four inches by 2.75 inches, making them easy for children and adults of all ages to hold and read. These classic tarot decks have been modified with fun, timeless graphical fidelity that you and your family, young and old, can enjoy.

Hygge Games …I should have known that! Trivia Game Green

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

This fast-paced and pretty funny trivia game will leave you with brain freezes, laughs, and awkward answers! One thing is certain: it’ll only be a question of time before you understand yourself say… Doh!… I should have realized that! Ideal for your next get-together or dinner with family and friends!

Beat That! – The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

Have you ever had the satisfaction of tossing a paper ball into the trash can from across the room? That is the point of this game. The goal is to accumulate as many points as possible besides placing bets on your ability to perform a series of absurd challenges using a seemingly random assortment of objects. All players attempt the same challenges, so brace yourself for the ultimate battle of skills!

Play Nine – The Card Game of Golf!

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

The goal is to shoot the least possible score. After nine holes, the player with the lowest points wins. Card value varies from -5 (hole-in-one) to 12 (out of bounds). Play Nine is enjoyed by both golfers and non-golfers. Depending on the number of players, the game can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. The combination of strategic plan and chance keeps enjoyable and challenge going until the very last hole. Let’s Play Nine!, the card match of golf, is simple to learn and enjoyable to play.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

This product was recommended by Phillip Villegas from Three Pedal Mafia

This game has provided a much-needed breath of fresh air. the game is for a non-Final Fantasy game to play on the Switch. This game is great in docked mode. When you play undocked, it sometimes auto adjusts the graphics, making the game a little blurry, but this isn’t enough to put one off hacking and slicing way through this game. It’s a dream come true for action RPG aficionados. An engrossing plot, stunning images, and a fantastic cast of characters. A fighting engine with free-moving combat and features that don’t overwhelm you all at once, unlike most games in the genre. A worthy successor to one of the best JRPG franchises of all time. It’s fantastic, and it’s lovely, much like the rest of the Ys games. I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys the Ys series, and even if you don’t, you should get it anyhow because you will enjoy it.

Ys: The Ark of Napishtim

This product was recommended by James Brooks from Costumes Heaven

The Ark of Napishtim is the best Ys game with the most detailed and accurate graphics ever. The best part about this game is its amazing dungeons. The dungeons are beautiful and very detailed, you can see every little detail from the monsters, items, weapons, and even the bosses. The gameplay is great and has no bugs, you can move freely without being stuck and every monster has its a special move that also gives an amazing feeling when you beat them. Ys fans will enjoy this game!

Ys Origin (Nintendo Switch)

This product was recommended by Richard Lubicky from RealPeopleSearch

If you love quick adventures, you will surely like this game. Ys Origin is the first game in the series to not have Adol as the protagonist, but three different characters (with different styles from each other) and a dungeon crawler structure which is not tiring because the tower in which the game takes place is full of different bosses and floors. The narrative is the most ambitious I’ve seen in the series, offering three points of view with good events and twists (especially in the third character’s story, which offers insight into unique villains and bosses). Normal difficulty is easier than many Ys games, but with multiple levels to choose from (I played the third character on Hard). As a curiosity, the character Hugo (mage who attacks from a distance) gives a strong SHMUP vibe to the game and, using his yellow magic (bombs) even resembles Silent Bomber. With many peculiarities, it’s a super fun and enjoyable-by-all type game.

Metroid Dread – Nintendo Switch

This product was recommended by Ryan Yount from LuckLuckGo

In The Game Awards and Time Magazine Awards, Metroid Dread won the best action and best video game of 2021. The game allows you to join intergalactic hunter Samus Aran in her first new 2D Metroid story in 19 years. What makes the game amazing is that it’s a continuation of Samus’ story into the planet Z.D.R. to investigate a mysterious transmission where she faces off against unrelenting E.M.M.I. robots. Get to parkour over obstacles, slide through tight places, counter your enemies and fight your way through a dangerous world as Samus Aran to overcome the dread plaguing Z.D.R.

Ys: Memories of Celceta

This product was recommended by Karim from Dehumidifier Depot

This is your chance to play a Y’s game if you haven’t already. Even if you haven’t played any previous entries in the series, this is a great place to start. Ys IV is a top-down action RPG in which the player runs into their opponents tactically. It’s difficult to convey because no other game has attempted this combat concept. Enemies must be approached from the side or behind, and direct attacks cause damage to the player. All you need to know is that it’s an action RPG with a solid story and plenty of grinding. This is the most effective variant. You’ll enjoy it.

Ys Seven

This product was recommended by Karim from Dehumidifier Depot

This is a stunning action role-playing game with a captivating tale. This game is fast-paced, fluid, and a tonne of fun to play. It’s a JRPG, yet it’s accessible to everyone. Ys Seven may not have aged well in terms of graphics, but it is one of the franchise’s most exhilarating games. It delivers an engrossing and heartfelt story, complete with an apocalyptic threat and old legends. Adol and Dogi end up in Altago, where they go on a journey to explore the land’s secrets, including the enigmatic 5 Great Dragons.

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