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Experts Tell Us the Best Fighting Games

This article showcases our top picks for the Best Fighting Games. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Injustice 2

This product was recommended by David Bowen from Bordeaux Undiscovered

I absolutely love fighting games, growing up on street fighter and mortal kombat saw to this. However, I am also an avid comic book fan and have found myself falling in love with the Injustice games, particularly Injustice 2. Getting to play as all my favorite DC heroes and villains is one thing, but I am in love with the fluidity of the fighting mechanics and the satisfaction I feel from pulling off a great combo.

Street Fighter V Champion Edition

This product was recommended by Will Tigerton from LeanBack Player

There’s Always Someone Stronger, this is what Street Fighter always stands out for. This game is an old-school 2.5D fighting game that almost everybody knows. It includes all 40 characters from Season 1 to Season 4 so you can choose well whom you use for battle. Hence, try to prove that you are the stronger one, always.

Mortal Kombat 11

This product was recommended by Wilhelmina “Billie” Zeelen from Bzice

For me, nothing beats a Mortal Kombat game. I grew up on the old Mortal Kombats, and I do get some nostalgia from playing the old ones against my partner on a lazy Sunday but I do have to say the gameplay and mechanics have improved a lot since then. I think my favorite game in the series has to be Mortal Kombat 11. I really love the mechanics and fluidity of this one and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good fighting game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

This product was recommended by Sherrie Ashley from PeopleFastFind

While there will always be a contingent of purists who refuse to play anything other than Melee, make no mistake – Smash’s Switch outing is one of the best fighters ever released. Doing away with the hugely unbalanced roster of the series’ Wii U outing, Ultimate sees Smash at its chaotic best. Boasting a jaw-dropping 80 fighters to choose from, including third-party legends Like Sephiroth, Ryu, and Persona 5’s Joker, Ultimate feels less like a Nintendo love-in and more like a celebration of video games as a whole. The best part? Ultimate plays phenomenally. Thanks to its wide array of different-feeling playable characters, there really is something for everyone.

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

This product was recommended by Michael Rose from Union Law Firm

It’s a lightning-fast game that tests your reflexes and keeps you focused on the only way to win, knocking your opponent’s head off in the middle of the ring. And, it puts you in control of a hard-hitting, punch-drunk robot who does all the fighting for you. If there’s a better, legal way to fight, I haven’t found it yet.

Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition

This product was recommended by Shiv Gupta from Incrementors

Killer Intuition is a special game for multiple reasons – from its great rollback netcode to hyperactive gameplay that beats a perfect proportion of reads versus responses, there’s something for everyone. Where combos in different fighting games are largely a one-player knowledge where the assailant gets to display their execution mastery and the defender gets to prepare themselves for the next interaction, Killer Instinct’s combo breaker system keeps both parties concerned and active at every moment of the game.

Dungeon Survival Boss game

This product was recommended by John Tian from Mobitrix

In this game, Prince Yilmaz is a real-life legend, a fighter, and a war hero who battles through numerous survival horrors. He is the King’s only son, and there was an ultimate clash of armies in the Great North Anatolia. The royal family of Anatolia lost the battle at last and was captured on the last day of fighting by enemies. Therefore as the character, you have to play Dungeon Survival Boss as the royal hero prince in Anatolia. It’s your mission to escape dungeons, survive in the jungle and use ninja skills in this survival game to escape the prison and defend the empire against invasion.

Street Guardian 3D

This product was recommended by John Tian from Mobitrix

This game offers a fantastic gaming experience as you fight through countless waves of gangsters, bad guys, criminals, and villain bosses. Street Guardian showcases the best fighting techniques and martial arts, including Kung Fu, karate, ninja, boxing wrestling, etc. You can rise as the superhero by entering the battle royal to prove your mettle and conquer the fighting arena. Players don’t have to stay in the defense zone since they have multiple lives; therefore, you can emerge as the fighting pioneer and knockout assassin, hitman, bandits, and other enemies. This game also has impressive graphics and stunning sound effects that make it an excellent fighting game.

Arcade 1Up Mortal Kombat 2 Player Countercade

This product was recommended by Christina Russo from The Kitchen Community

A bruising, brutal fantastical tournament in which a player has to finish their opponents to triumph? I was hooked the first time I played it, and the Arcade1 countertop version of a gaming cabinet is like being back in the arcade, playing every move as though your life, and dwindling allowance, was dependent on its success. Best of all though, this retro version of the game lets you pit your best moves against another player, to determine who the champion of champions really is…

World Wrestling Championship Mayhem

This product was recommended by Jennifer Denehy from PeopleSearchFaster

Wrestle lovers opt for this fighting game, and they will go for it without any dilemma. This game offers the players the realistic feel of stunts and assists them to enjoy the wrestling techniques virtually. There are training modes, story modes with many rival teams. Try the punches and kicks with your opponents and enjoy this fighting game to the core.

Tekken 7

This product was recommended by Sam Cohen from MyFreeOCR

Tekken 7 is one of the best fighting games ever made. Tekken 7 is a fighting game that focuses on 1-on-1 battles. The game features a mix of new characters and returning characters from previous installments, as well as new gameplay mechanics.

Dead or Alive 5- Last Round

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

The Dead or Alive series is a bit of a black sheep in the fighting game community. Some consider it shallow and too focused on cheesecake (that is, accentuating the sexual appeal of its cast) to be considered seriously. DOA5 did a lot to address this, narrowing the combination input window, requiring more exact timing and button pushes and adjusting fighters across the board. It’s not as fast or focused on counterattacks as Dead or Alive 4. However, it’s still a playable fighter with a fun single-player mode, a nice tutorial system, and updated gameplay that shows a desire to be taken seriously.

Virtua Fighter 5

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

Back on the Sega Saturn, the Virtua Fighter series was one of the first to establish 3D fighting games. The series has fallen out of favor, partly due to its more toned-down nature – no robots or monsters here – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still fantastic. There’s a big emphasis on input precision and counterplays, which helps Virtua Fighter 5 feel like one of the more in-depth 3D fighters available. It’s not spectacular, but its emphasis on battle flow and balance makes up for it.

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

This product was recommended by Ross Jurewitz from Jurewitz Law Group

I’m a die street fighter fan and I’ve been playing the game, in one iteration or another since I was a kid. For me, no other game even comes close to capturing the raw intensity and nerve-shredding excitement of the Street Fighter franchise.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

This product was recommended by David Adler from The Travel Secret

Capcom’s Street Fighter 30th Anniversary collection is the best fighting game to date thanks to its refined gameplay. Street Fighter off a fighting game renaissance that filled arcades and bodegas all over the world with rabid youngsters. Capcom has done a fantastic job at its iterations by adding more characters, stages, and mechanics to further improve it. This game has remained competitive to this day, which evidences its excellence. Add to that a new gameplay option for online play and this is a game that’s pretty much perfect.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

This product was recommended by Ronald Williams from BestPeopleFinder

Power Rangers-Battle for the Grid is a good engaging and fighting game that uses three-on-three tag-team mechanics and that’s the simple reason for my recommendation. Although the number of characters is not very high, the gameplay is so intuitive and diverse that you simply spend hours playing with different trios of heroes and villains without even feeling the time passing. As you learn to perform the more complex combos, the desire to keep learning and winning only grows. Controls are simplified so players can easily enter each move and are extremely welcoming for beginners or casual gamers. In the Arcade mode, there are only seven battles. The player simply advances from one fight to the next and can complete Arcade Mode in approximately thirty minutes. The credits roll when the final boss, Lord Drakkon is defeated. As there is no story, the player can only know who this character is if they read their short biography on the character selection screen or if they have prior knowledge of the comics.

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

This product was recommended by Michael Wright from NameRox

In my opinion this game plays smoothly including the way you can land combination moves. The blocking also works well so you don’t just get to continuously combo an opponent. This mortal kombat has a great story and an excellent tutorial for learning the game!

Dead or Alive 6

This product was recommended by Max Shak from SurvivalGearShack

In many ways, Dead or Alive 6, much like its immediate predecessor, is a schlocky action movie, a fighting game, and a fashion show. Even though the game has vastly different elements, they might not stand up to scrutiny individually. After all, DOA 6 doesn’t boast the best fighter, the greatest customization features, and the most insane storyline in the Tekken series. Its new Break Blow and Break Hold tools add sufficient freshness to make Dead or Alive 6 a fun and surprisingly strategic PC game. Additionally, the Triangle System and Danger Zones of the game are highly entertaining.

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