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The Best Plants For Front Garden | Expert Recommendations

This article showcases our top picks for the Best Plants For Front Garden. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.


This product was recommended by Violet Joy Miller from Greeny Thumbs

Shrubs are a great choice for foundation planting because they are low-maintenance and can provide year-round interest. Not to mention, they can also be easily shaped into hedges. Boxwood is a particularly good choice because it is relatively drought-tolerant.


This product was recommended by Violet Joy Miller from Greeny Thumbs

Peonies are classic front garden plants. They have beautiful flowers in the spring and are relatively low-maintenance.


This product was recommended by Violet Joy Miller from Greeny Thumbs

Elderberry is a great choice for the front garden because it is both beautiful and functional. The berries can be used to make pies, jams, and wine. Plus, the flowers are beautiful and attract pollinators.


This product was recommended by Kami Turky from Aquarium Life

I think that the best plants for a front garden are Lilacs. It has a very beautiful look, nice smell and variety of colors. I brought this plant to my garden last month, I take care of it by watering and sun exposure. I recommend it because it really gives your house entrance a very nice appearance.

Heirloom Hydrangea Seeds

This product was recommended by Lindsey Hyland from Urban Organic Yield

The best plants for the front garden add color and interest throughout all four seasons. Green’s Gardens Rare Heirloom 20 Hydrangea Seeds is a great choice because these shrubs will bloom in shades of pink, blue, and purple from early summer to late fall. In addition to their beautiful flowers, hydrangeas are also evergreen, meaning they retain their leaves throughout winter months, providing year-round interest to your garden.

Sedum spectabile( showy sedum or stonecrop)

This product was recommended by Samantha Odo from Precondo

I prefer low-maintenance plants that will provide my front garden with interest and color. One plant that meets this criterion is Sedum spectabile, also known as showy sedum or stonecrop. This plant is a succulent that is drought-tolerant and can tolerate poor soil conditions. It produces pink flowers in the summer, and its leaves turn a reddish color in the fall. Some people might prefer to have a plant that is low-maintenance and can tolerate a lot of suns, such as sedum. Others might prefer a plant that is more decorative and provides some color to the front garden, such as a daylily. Ultimately, the best plant to have in the front garden is the one that the gardener enjoys the most.


This product was recommended by Jacquelyn Kennedy from PetDT

One in particular that I think looks amazing in anyone’s front garden, is hydrangeas. I think that having a big shrub of them looks very pretty, especially if you choose a color of hydrangeas that complements your home aesthetic!

Creeping phlox

This product was recommended by Dale Steven from Mowers & Yard Tools

This groundcover is perfect for sunny spots in the front garden. It blooms in early spring with a profusion of pink, purple, or white flowers. After the flowers fade, the evergreen foliage remains attractive all year.

English ivy

This product was recommended by Dale Steven from Mowers & Yard Tools

This fast-growing vine is perfect for covering unsightly walls or fences. It can also be used to create living privacy screens or living art. English ivy is tolerant of a wide range of conditions, including shade and drought.


This product was recommended by Dale Steven from Mowers & Yard Tools

Pansies are one of the best choices for adding color to the front garden in spring and fall. They come in a wide range of colors and are relatively easy to care for.

Wax Begonias

This product was recommended by Dale Steven from Mowers & Yard Tools

Wax begonias are another good choice for adding color to the front garden. They bloom throughout the summer and into fall. They prefer shady conditions and well-drained soil.

Hardy Ferns

This product was recommended by Dale Steven from Mowers & Yard Tools

Ferns are a classic choice for the shade garden. They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, and they’re relatively easy to care for.


This product was recommended by Laurice Constantine from Casadar

A classic addition comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can find them in almost any color, from pink or red, to yellow, orange, and even white, blue, or purple. Simply select your preferred colors.

Ground Cherries

This product was recommended by Isabella Flint from Fanatically Food

Fall is a great time to have an orange, red, and yellow color scheme in your front yard, and as part of that, I love to grow ground cherries. This plant has the most beautiful yellow or orange husks that are sure to catch the eye (and the envy!) of your neighbors. These ground cherries are excellent front garden plants because they are multi-functional: they’re beautiful, and you will also be able to pick the ground cherries inside the husks and use them in many delicious recipes!

Topier Buxus Balls Shrubs

This product was recommended by Craig Wilson from Gardeners Dream LTD

Topier Buxus balls make the perfect front garden foliage to make your entrance the envy of your entire neighborhood. Usually stood in tall pots, they are perfect for either side of your front door that can make it seem grander, more luxurious and give some really nice curb appeal to anyone who catches a glance. Buxus balls are definitely for those who are house-proud and are looking for some items to really standout. They are pretty easily accessible through most quality gardening retailers, or you can opt for artificial ones that are readily available on amazon if you are worried about the upkeep.


This product was recommended by C.T Price from Life Grows Green

Wheatgrass is the perfect option for those looking for a beautiful front garden barrier that highlights your space, but also doesn’t say stay away, or make you seem unsociable. Usually stored in long pots, this is what makes them a great piece of foliage when looking to give your front garden that border. They are easily findable in most locations, and are fairly easy to maintain given a little bit of attention, so even perfect for those who don’t consider themselves green-fingered.

Japanese Boxwood

This product was recommended by Vikas Chaudhary from Nihal Fashions

The plant is also known as a ‘baby gem.’ It is called so because its leaves are glossy and shine under the Sun as a gem. The plant grows gradually and can reach a maximum height of 4 feet and the same width. Boxwood comes in many varieties, such as American and English, but Japanese boxwood is the most popular.

American Wisteria

This product was recommended by Alex Tinsman from How To Houseplant

I love any front yards that contain Wisterias – they have amazing blue/purple blooms and really add character to a house. Lots of people seem to grow their Wisteria up against the side of their property, or using a pergola, as this is a vine that grows fairly quickly. My particular favorite is the American Wisteria, a native variety for people based in the US.


This product was recommended by Katherine Barlow from Wellyx

Impatiens are excellent plants for the front garden because they are bushy and can provide plenty of color. They thrive in containers, window boxes, and mixed borders, and they tolerate heat well. They also have beautiful flowers.

Ann Magnolias

This product was recommended by Josh Tyler from Tell Me Best

These Ann Magnolias trees are an elegant addition to the front yard. Their blush pink blossoms are a classic look that makes an elegant facade. Magnolia blossoms also have a sweet fragrance that adds to the ambiance and creates a pleasant welcome to the house. The best thing about magnolia trees is that they bloom all throughout the year, which means that your front yard will maintain its beauty all year round. The significant impact they add to your curb appeal makes magnolia trees a handsome and practical addition to your front yard.

Sweet Potato Plants

This product was recommended by John Thomas from Backyard Garden Geek

I’ve found that sweet potatoes are a surprisingly wonderful addition to a front yard garden, either in pots or the ground. They produce abundant green vines that no HOA president could ever complain about, which also happen to be delicious when cooked properly. If your front yard garden has relatively loose soil–and if you plant your sweet potato slips at the right time of year–you’ll be able to dig sweet potatoes out of the ground in 3-5 months.

Red Bottle Brush

This product was recommended by Tasha Lawrence from Coffee Credible

The small thin leaves grow up to two to three feet tall and wide. Showy red flowers appear in summer and fall. This plant needs full sun and well-drained soil.


This product was recommended by Tasha Lawrence from Coffee Credible

This evergreen plant mounds about 12 inches high and 18 inches wide. It can grow in sun and well-drained soil. Rosemary can be used in cooking.


This product was recommended by Tanisha Peten from Garrett Wade

If you want a natural-looking flower for your front yard, look no further than asters! Asters are beautiful flowers that are easy to care for and enjoy partly-shady spots, making them ideal for placement close to the house. Asters are available in a few elegant color varieties, so you can pick some that match or contrast well with your exterior design. Fall is blooming season for asters, allowing you to pick your favorites while they’re looking their best. Come rain or shine, your asters are sure to stand out!”

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