Books To Give For Father's Day

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#1 Storytelling for Pantsers by Annalisa C Parent

Everyone knows someone who would like to write a book someday. Some people may want to write a novel, while entrepreneurs may want to write a book on their area of expertise, still others may be ready to take their writing career to the next level. Many people have one or more ideas floating around in their head and dream of getting them down on paper and into print, yet they may not know the first thing about where to start or how to make it happen. Those looking for the ultimate gift for the writer in their life should consider the gift of taking their book idea to the next level. They can do just that by giving them the gift of working with a writing coach who can help advance their career.

“I’ve worked with countless people who have wonderful book ideas, but just need a nudge in the right direction to help bring them about,” explains Annalisa Parent, writing coach, author, and entrepreneur. “When people give the writer in their life the gift of a writing coach they are often giving them a life-changing opportunity.”

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#2 Wild World by Peter S. Rush

Wild World by Peter S. Rush is an award-winning mystery novel about crime, corruption, music, steamy romance, and politics. Set in the Vietnam War protest era of the early 1970s, Steve Logan, the main protagonist, knew that protesting wasn't enough. He knew he had to be involved to change the system. As he was drawn deeper into the system, he risked losing his life and the woman he loved. And, he discovered that making a difference was making him different! This story has great relevance to what's going on in our country today and would make a great gift!

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#3 Death March Escape by Jack J Hersch

Surviving one Nazi death march is amazing, surviving two is astonishing. But escaping from both is nothing short of a miracle. Jack Hersch grew up hearing the stories of how his father, Dave Hersch, twice escaped the brutal death marches forced on concentration camp prisoners by the Nazis at the end of World War II. What he didn't know about his father's experience was the incredible confluence of luck, fate, and will to survive that made Dave unique in the history of the Holocaust, which is illuminated in the book.

A few years after is father died in 2001, a cousin in Israel informed Jack that a mysterious photo of his father had surfaced-on the website for Mauthausen Concentration Camp. Unlike many of the brutal depictions of concentration camp survivors recorded by Allied troops, this picture was a headshot of Dave as a smiling teenager modeling contemporary clothes. Where did this photo come from, and how did Mauthausen's museum acquire it?

The answer to this mystery would take dedicated detective work and require Jack to confront the unflinching truth about the most nightmarish concentration camp in all of World War II-so very different from the colorful escape stories his father related every Passover. To learn how that photo was tied to Dave's courageous struggle for survival, Jack would walk in his father's footsteps, face the horrific reality of the Mauthausen and Gusen concentration camps where Dave was held, and stand on the roads where his father made his incalculably daring bids for freedom.

More than a memoir, biography, or history, DEATH MARCH ESCAPE is a page-turning account of what it takes to survive with your soul intact and to never surrender. It's a love letter from a son as he captures the true meaning of heroism, and a warning for anyone who would ignore the brutal lessons of history.

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Written by Yehoshua Bomberg