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Photo by Dami Adebayo on Unsplash
Photo by Dami Adebayo on Unsplash

Wavy, curly hair can test anyone’s patience. For anyone who has naturally curly or wavy hair, it is all too familiar to purchase a product that promises results only to be disappointed. It can be tough to find curly hair products that actually hold up to windy weather, to rain or to humidity. Additionally, many hair products that are made for curly hair assume that all curly hair has the same texture, an idea that is patently ridiculous. If you have straight hair and want to create a wavy style, you may have just as much trouble locating the right product for your own needs.

Lucky for you, we know how hard it can be to find the best hair grease and we have done the research for you. Check out our list of the best wave grease products to find exactly the right styling tool for your hair’s unique needs.

The Best Wave Grease for Your Hair Type

Making waves can seem daunting. Where do you begin? Here is a great video that explains how to style your hair into 360 waves.

Best Wave Creams for Black Hair

The biggest challenge when taming black hair is that it can have many textures. We know this and have narrowed down your choices to the best wave creams for black hair of any texture.

1. Paul Mitchell Ultimate Wave Cream

This wave cream is the best cream on the market for anyone wanting to achieve perfect 360-degree waves. The key ingredients in this cream are all designed to eliminate frizz and add texture to your curls and waves. The moisture focused cream is really effective for taming frizz in coarse hair but is lightweight enough for finer and more wavy textures as well. This is a great product to use regularly to improve the overall texture and health of your hair and make beautiful waves a daily experience.

2. Roller Coaster Waves

This cream is made for use with a wave brush. It creates high gloss and firm and controlled waves. This product also boasts a unique and lovely fragrance, making it a product with multiple benefits to offer. The luxurious cream has lots of great moisturizers in it and can be used sparingly as a moisturizer or more heavily to create waves. This product is great for all hair types and for many different styling preferences.

3. Sportin Waves Gel Pomade

This is a classic and the company has rolled out a new version of its classic design that will not disappoint. This is a stronger hold product that includes wavitroll to make deep and thick waves. This product improves your hair’s condition and provides a taming effect that lasts and lasts. This is the right product for coarse hair types and is made to create unique and dramatic styles.

Best Wave Grease for Coarse Hair

Coarse hair has a mind of its own. It wants to curl in every direction and it resists taming. Coarse hair is challenging because it is usually so thick. The flip side of the coarse hair struggle is that it also can hold the best waves and most dramatic styles with ease, so long as you have the right products to tame it.

1. Maapilim Atrato Strong Pomade Dark Caramel

This grease comes with a lovely fragrance and offers strong hold that won’t get stiff. This product is perfect for those who need to do a bit of work with the product to get coarse hair to take on a desired shape. This grease also makes shiny waves easy to achieve. An added benefit is the beautiful and posh packaging that makes this grease feel as luxurious in the packaging as it does on your hair.

2. WaveBuilder Spin’n Waves

This is a great product if you want to avoid any greasy feel to your waves. It still adds truly superior shine and is strong enough to handle the coarsest hair. It won’t leave your hair covered in build up and is a great product if you are trying for lots of definition to your waves. This is another classic product that has held up to the test of time. This product has the added benefit of being associated with a brand that sells lots of additional wave-creating products like training caps and wave brushes.

3. Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade

This classic pomade style grease provides ultimate hold but a soft feel. It can be combed through easily and protects every strand of hair to help hair grow and stay hydrated. Coarse hair always behaves better when it is hydrated correctly. This grease will offer you texture, hold and the ability to acheive any wave style you want.

Best Wave Grease for Curly Hair

Curly hair is actually different than wavy hair and often its texture requires different styling products. If you are tired of buying a generic curly hair focused product and finding out that it is too heavy for your curly hair, we feel your pain. Our selections are just what your curly hair needs to style easily.

1. Cantu Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade

This is the perfect wave grease for curly hair. Shea butter has long been revered as a great conditioner for curly hair due to its lack of heaviness or greasiness. This great product can be used in smaller amounts for conditioning only or larger amounts to create waves. Shea butter products are always ideal for curly hair because they allow you to create lift and shine without adding heaviness to your style. Curly hair thrives on moisture and this product will not disappoint.

2. Aveda ControlPaste

This nice product is designed to create volume and shine without adding weight and greasiness. It can be used for wet and dry styling and will never be messy or too strong of a hold for flexible styling. Aveda always strives to use all-natural formulas and their control paste is not different. The product has a nice, light feel and lovely smell. This is the right product for hair that needs a lightweight hold and some volume. This is a great choice if your curly hair is prone to frizz and being limp.

3. Hanz De Fuko Modify Pomade

This is the right product if your curly hair needs a little more control to style. This is an actual pomade that delivers a medium hold but it is still light and flexible enough to work well with curly hair. It will not leave a greasy feel in your hair, nor will it become crunchy or stiff. This is a great product if your hair needs a little extra shine as well. The other added benefit to this pomade is that it will recondition your hair over time and can heal damaged or over styled hair.

Best Wave Grease for Nappy Hair

Nappy hair provides a unique challenge for styling. Ethnic hair often can be coarse and prone to frizz, a combination that can make it difficult to nail down the right styling product. Locating the best wave grease for the right amount of hold for ethnic hair can be a frustrating challenge. We have narrowed down the many options out there to offer you the best choices for the special needs of ethnic hair types.

1. Melanin Roots Hair Balm

This unique product is made with Jamaican Black Castor Oil for maximum hold and shine. The texture of the product is really lovely and is flexible enough to allow you to style easily. This is a great product to give you definition in your waves and to moisturize your hair for ongoing control. This product is also one of the best choices out there for ethnic hair because it is not hard on your scalp while it provides energetic hold for your hair.

2. Africa’s Best Men’s Organics Wave-Shine

This awesome product provides extreme hold for the needs of coarse hair that refuses to be tamed into waves. This product can be used for daily styling or can be used with a styling cap for added hold and control. This is one of the best original ethnic hair products out there and has stood the test of time for a reason. If you are looking for flexible and durable hold, this is the best wave grease for your needs.

3. Baxter of California Clay Pomade

If your hair and scalp tend to be dry, this amazing product is for you. This wave grease is oil-based and offers a strong hold, lots of definition and substantial shine. This is the right product if you struggle with flakiness or loss of shine later in the day and feel the need to restyle. Using this pomade, you will be able to style your hair and then go on with your day. The unique combination of styling options offered by this pomade cannot be found in any other product.

Best Wave Grease for Straight Hair

Do you have straight hair that refuses to hold waves? While curly hair can offer struggles with its tendency to frizz, straight hair can be difficult to style in waves because it doesn’t naturally have enough texture to readily hold a style. These are our top picks for straight hair wave styling.

1. Paul Mitchell Dry Wax

A product backed by a hair styling legend; this great styling wax is the perfect firm hold needed to style straight hair into waves. This product does not get stiff and has a nice pliable feel in your hands. Paul Mitchell products always smell great and this styling wax is no different. An added benefit to a styling wax is that touch ups can be easily done by simply adding a bit of water and reworking a few waves here and there.

2. Redken Working Wax Maneuver

This is a medium control styling wax that is clean, never greasy and offers superior hold. A great fit for thick hair that doesn’t like to comply with wavy textures, this styling wax is the answer for recalcitrant straight hair. This product offers additional benefits because it is made with smoothing panthenol to help heal and nourish hair while providing superior hold. This styling wax can be used wet or dry.

3. Hanz De Fuko Claymation

This clay-based styling pomade is adaptable and lightweight while offering a strong enough hold for any hair style. This pomade is made for flexible hold and will never be greasy or heavy. High-hold products are often sticky or tacky but Claymation pomade will always feel light, effortless and clean. This is a great styling aid that makes for the perfect all-day style.

Best Wave Grease for Wolfing

Wolfing requires effort, patience and a bit of practice. At the end of the day, you can do the whole wolfing process correctly and still not get the results you are looking for if you don’t use the best wave grease on the market for your goals. If you are trying to build deeper, more defined and better waves, these are the wave grease products you need to buy.

1. Roller Coaster Waves Wolf Wax

This is a great product that is made to moisturize as much as it is made to deepen and define waves. It is made with argon and coconut oil for a non-greasy feel. Suitable for all hair types and textures, this wolf wax will help you to grow thicker and fuller hair while also being pliable enough to form really good waves. An added plus to this great product is that it can be used for beards, mustaches and even can be used to wax bald heads. This is a great all-around product.

2. Cold Label Premium Wolfin’ Pomade

This is a great product for a firm hold and it offers a high-quality formula for moisturizing your hair at the same time. This pomade is made with shea butter and beeswax and offers a unique addition by adding tea tree oil. If you have sensitive skin and struggle with perfume-laden waxes and pomades, this lovely product will spare your skin irritation while still fulfilling all your styling needs.

3. Sunaroma Organic Coconut Oil Hydrating Hair Pomade

If you are trying to work on your wolfing definition but are struggling with dry and brittle hair, this product is for you. Coconut oil has long been revered as a premium moisturizer and it is employed in this great product alongside kokum butter and milk protein to make your hair strong, shiny and healthy. This is a great product to help train your hair as it returns to health.


Wavy, curly hair and wave hairstyles are the freshest look out there this year. If you have been dreaming of creating the perfect waves in your hair, no matter the texture, we have taken the guesswork out of the process for you. The products in our list cover all hair types and are even separated by coarseness within each type. If you still not sure what hair type you have, check out this video to help you sort out which hair type is yours. Armed with these products, you will be able to create salon-quality styles and you can feel confident that you have purchased the best wave grease for your hair type the first time. Perfect waves are just a wash and style away. Happy styling!

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