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Why Employee Wellbeing and Business Success Go Hand-In-Hand

When carefully nurturing a business to grow and develop it’s essential that your employees are healthy and happy. Failing to take care of your most valuable resource will create more problems than you can imagine. Long term absence, poor productivity, and efficiency, and a high staff turnover are just some of the issues that may arise if you don’t prioritise staff well-being. Luckily, making your employees feel valued, healthy and happy at work is simple. Continue reading to find out what small changes you can make in order to hang onto the glue that holds your company together.

Build Social Connections For Cohesion

Gone are the days of military-style approaches to productivity where staff must remain focused at all times in secluded booths and where talking to your colleagues was highly frowned upon. Luckily, companies now understand the importance of meaningful social connections in the workplace and focus on creating opportunities for staff to build them. Not only do social connections promote a positive environment and staff well-being but have been known to increase team mentality and cohesive working. Not to mention the continuing rise of staff retention numbers. Office coffee machines are a great way to encourage your staff to come together and take a step towards a more cohesive team. If you want to purchase corporate coffee machines Singapore is a great place to bring your search. You’ll be popular with your staff and you’ll reap the rewards, it’s a no brainer.

Provide Professional Development Opportunities For Retention

For most employees, it takes more than a few free cakes in the staff room every Friday to feel valued at work. Ambition, drive and hard work should be recognised by providing staff with the opportunity to learn and develop professionally. Employees that consistently achieve their targets and demonstrate consistent determination should be rewarded with opportunities that will support the development of their career and open doors to new roles. This way, when it comes to looking for a new supervisor you’ll already have someone you can trust and you’ll have succeeded in maintaining their motivation and dedication to the company. Subsidising online training courses and creating in-house training packages for your high flyers is sure to improve their mental health and well-being while making them feel valued and boosting their self-esteem.

Create Time To Exercise For Productivity

There’s no denying that building social connections and supporting staff to develop will improve their mental health and improve their overall well-being. But what about the physical aspect of staying well? Allowing employees time to exercise has been proven to significantly increase productivity, creative thinking and improve problem-solving abilities; all skills that contribute to a star employee. While the positive implications for the business are clear to see employees also reported that they felt refreshed, revitalised and motivated, post-workout. Subsidising gym memberships for employees is one way to get them going but could prove costly for your company. A more cost-effective method is to provide group classes in the workplace. Maybe a circuit class on a Monday afternoon and a yoga class on a Friday morning? If you have limited room, capitalising on outdoor space could be beneficial.


It’s a working relationship made in heaven, happy and healthy employees and a thriving business working together in harmony. Now you know what small changes to make in your workplace for maximum impact, what’s stopping you taking the step to a more successful business?

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