The Luxury Of Simple Living

If keeping up with the Joneses has you heading ever deeper into debt, you’ll be glad to know the current trend is toward cleaner, freer, healthier, cheaper modes of living. It’s all part of figuring out how to transform our consumer-driven throw-away culture into one that’s more in line with the new economy that is emerging.

Notably, the number of people who have given up driving in the US is on the rise, especially Millennials. Affordable ride-sharing companies like Lyft provide access to a private car without the expense. The rule of thumb is that if you drive 9,000 miles or fewer per year, it’s probably cheaper to ride share.

It’s amazing to consider that both the highest earners and the lowest earners are discovering the luxury of biking to work. There’s something about cycling that people love. It’s hard not to embrace life with the wind in your hair. The bicycle, one of history’s most efficient machines, is also the perfect cure for pollution, parking woes, and out of control gas bills.

A host of rental/sharing companies now to provide customers with a wider selection of goods than it would be practical to purchase for a fraction of the cost. Companies like Rent the Runway and others rent haute couture, accessories, designer suits and ties, original art, children’s clothing, and even sports and camping equipment. There are even companies that let you share pets, such as cat cafes, starting to appear. No longer does the ol’ garage need to be filled to capacity. Free up space and energy, including mental energy, in your home by owning less.

The idea is to really reflect on your needs and live in a way that best suits you. Doing so is the ultimate way to live luxuriously.

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Written by Meredith Fairbank