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Mister Freedom apparel is hip but not trendy. It’s all understated and yet eminently memorable.

I don’t know where Johnny Depp shops, but he could well have developed his sense of style at Mister Freedom.In the 3200 sq ft mega-store you’ll find top flight vintage woolly sweaters,scarves, trousers, French military garb, antique leather suspenders, original belts, belt buckles, the most striking antique leather footwear and much more including rare textiles and antiquarian books.

Vintage clothing can be rented for film productions and garments can be customized on-site up in the mezzanine work space. One-of-a-kind prototypes can even be made to order, say, if you fancy yourself living in a by-gone era.

“I’ve always appreciated old things. They have soul to me,” says Christophe Loiron, who founded Mister Freedom in 2003, named for William Klien’s off-beat 1969 superhero film with an international flair.

The shop features thousands of items, some of which date back to the 1850s while others are part of the Mister Freedom menswear label. Not replicas, but new designs of “historically plausible” garments and goods that never quite made it into fashion history.

In collaboration with the legendary Japanese denim company Sugar Cane Co., Mister Freedom puts out two MFSC®collections per year, each reflecting a different time and place. Previous collections include Naval Clothing Tailor (from the 30s and 40s), Depression Era Work Wear, Early Explorers, Rockabilly Threads, and Madras Beachwear & Surf among many others.

The women’s section thus far is small and limited to latter 20th century vintage wear and shoes, chic sunglasses and accessories.

Accessories include cool seafaring denim shoulder bags, vintage canvas army bags, leather pouches and duffel bags. Each item provides the perfect accent to any wardrobe.

The ensemble featured is from the Viva la Revolucion Collection.

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Written by Meredith Fairbank