The Princes In The Tower

The Princes In The Tower – A Scholarly “Whodunnit”

Controversy continues to follow the murder of the young king and his brother. What really happened?

Alison Weir introduces her main sources and discusses how reliable they are, right at the beginning. Then, throughout the book, she refers to them. This could so easily be detrimental to the flow of the story, but, somehow she manages to refer to her sources without spoiling the narrative. In fact, they lend credence to what she writes. And when she had doubts – she says so.

Alison Weir
Alison Weir

And what a narrative! It’s a great whodunnit. Told in a sequential manner as here it is possible to follow the ramifications of this complex tale. And there are some very nice character sketches which add interest and draws one in.

Alison has a well-reasoned argument for her conclusions and explanations as to why Richard, in particular, acted as he did. I found the book engrossing and authoritative. I would recommend it to anyone with an open mind and interest in the subject.

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Written by Liz H