What Car Fanatics Should Know About Engines

Every car’s engine is unique. You can’t call yourself a true fanatic unless you understand what makes each mechanism special. You’ll surely impress all your pals at the next car show by reading about what car fanatics should know about engines.

Diesel Engines Operate Differently

Car fans understand that diesel engines operate differently compared to other mechanisms. Diesel engines utilize combustion. Instead of using spark plugs, the fuel injector sprays gasoline to mix with air. This mixture heats up to start the car. Since temperatures must be high for combustion to occur, drivers often have trouble starting diesel engines in the winter.

Car enthusiasts should also know about something called the crankshaft position sensor. Essentially, this part tells your vehicle how much fuel it needs for the mixture. Your crankshaft position sensor could be failing if your car is getting an inaccurate reading and you have too much or too little gas.

Different Exhaust Smoke Colors

Car fans should also know what it means when the exhaust smoke changes colors. For example, if the smoke is black, this means you’re probably burning fuel, and you should see a mechanic immediately. Blue smoke, on the other hand, means that coolant is leaking into the engine. Unfortunately, you’ll need a mechanic for this, too.

Remanufactured Engine Parts

If you do end up needing a replacement part, costs don’t have to be as extreme as you’d think. In fact, you can purchase remanufactured engine parts to save money. These parts work just as well as new ones, and they’re half the price. These components are also better for the environment. When mechanics repurpose these parts, they save them from sitting in a landfill for years.

This piece has described what car fanatics should know about engines. These facts will help you have just a bit more know-how about vehicles and the way they run.

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Written by Logan Voss

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