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The Most Successful Online Bingo Companies In Europe

Bingo was always a popular game. But towards the end of the 20th century, many players were unsure if the game would make it another 100 years. Bingo operators soon quelled these fears by launching bingo sites, allowing people to access bingo games conveniently. And based on the reviews on top bingo sites, these sites also offered variety, low buy-ins, and huge jackpots. As a result, bingo continued to grow even faster than before, as it was now worldwide.

Interestingly, due to the game’s long history in Europe, most of this growth results from the top bingo companies in this region. The legalization of online gaming also helps! We look at which companies are to thank for this amazing game and how they have managed to stay at the top:

Best Bingo Companies

Bingo players not only enjoy a variety of bingo games but also providers. And yet, the market share favors a few companies. Which are they?

Mecca Bingo (Owned by Rank Group)

This bingo company excels in offering both land-based and online bingo games. While most companies have shied away from land-based settings, this one has opened more than 80 branches in Europe, targeting people who still enjoy a good old-fashioned bingo game. This company, which falls under the Rank Group umbrella, currently nets about £202.1 million in revenue. Additionally, it hires over 8,000 employees and serves at least one million customers annually.

Gala Bingo (Owned by Entain Plc)

This company started towards the end of the 20th century when bingo’s future seemed unpredictable. But that did not stop its owners from jumping headfirst into what was a lucrative idea. They launched physical bingo halls, which attracted older adults who wanted traditional bingo games. Over the years, the bingo company cut down on its halls owing to the smoking ban. Later, it sold its halls to Caledonia Investments before agreeing to a Ladbrokes acquisition. Now, it operates online, netting about £202.5 million, employing about 6,000 employees, and serving over a million customers yearly.


This bookie, the biggest in the UK, also runs a bingo site, arguably a force to reckon with in the industry. Most of its success hinges on its previous customer base. Converting punters to part-time or full-time bingo players did not take much time as the bookie leveraged its marketing base. Add the room variation and regular bonuses; players could not get enough of this site. Now, barely two decades after launching its bingo site, this bookie has over £202.5 million in annual revenue, 4,000 employees, and more than 45 million customers.

William Hill (Owned by William Hill Plc)

Diversifying income avenues is always a good move. So, while many people knew William Hill as a bookie, the company did not turn down the chance to serve the bingo market. Its move occurred in the 2000s when many companies contemplated similar strategies to earn higher revenues. Its online bingo site took off quite fast. It boasts over three million yearly customers, over 16,000 employees, and more than £738 million in annual revenue. Its success has shed light on the lucrativeness of online bingo, prompting other companies to consider similar ventures.

The Secret to Success

One may look at these companies and wonder what they did to stand out from the fray. And per research and customer insights, bingo companies can enjoy similar success rates by doing the following;

  • Investing in stable, reliable, high-quality platforms and games: Operators should offer various games from reputable developers. You should also ensure the games pass security tests and can handle several players simultaneously. While bingo games tend to be standard, you can always introduce some twists to appeal to different players. The 30-ball game, for instance, attracts players who want fast and easy games.
  • Offering rewards and bonuses to new and returning customers: In a competitive market, operators should find ways to attract and retain their clients. And the easiest way to do this is by offering rewards that reduce player buy-ins and help them hedge their risks.
  • Leveraging technology to their benefit: Offering games online is one way of embracing technology. However, there are many other ways to take advantage of recent technologies which can help you appeal to more clients. Examples include incorporating virtual reality in games, introducing live chat sessions, and using blockchain technology.
  • Fostering trust in players: Despite the changes that some companies have gone through (e.g., Gala Bingo and Mecca Bingo), their customer bases have remained strong. It comes down to proving you have the players’ best interests in mind. And a great way to do this is by having good data policies, using blockchain technology as part of the random number generation measures, and investing in SSL or TSL encryption. When players feel protected, they are more likely to stick with you.

Remember to invest in good customer support. Your players will appreciate a team that is at their beck and call. And while at it, consider various communication methods to address each player’s needs, e.g., phone calls, emails, and live chat.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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