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Inspiration: 21 Unique And Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Fathers

Getting that perfect gift for your father, and staying within budget is a never-ending challenge. Luckily for you, we have gathered together some awesome gifts for your dad. If you cannot find something on this list that your dad loves, then you probably haven’t read it all…

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#1 StrongBoard Balance

StrongBoard is the perfect gift for Dads who are on-the-go, want to stay in, or get back in the best shape of their lives. StrongBoard can enhance any floor workouts (squats, lunges, push-ups, planks etc.,) by adding reactivity with MULTI SPRING TECHNOLOGY™. 

The four springs on the board work with your body to deliver the perfect amount of stimulation to keep your core musculature and stabilizing muscles engaged and contracted, while training your central nervous system, improving posture, proprioception and reaction time.

Contributor: Adella Curry from

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#2 The gift of convenience

What if father's received the gift of convenience with Fibaro's HomeKit-enabled multi-controller, called 'The Button'?! 

The Button is a small, HomeKit-enabled wireless control device that is super intuitive for anyone to use as a simple scene controller for other HomeKit-enabled devices. Dad can use The Button to trigger actions and scenes locally around the house.

For example, he can trigger his honey I'm home scene with three clicks of the button to power on his connected outdoor speakers, along with lighting and maybe an electric fireplace to enjoy some quality family time.

Contributor: Megan Carvalho from

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#3 Kapow Meggings

Meggings are a great gift; they’re unique, fun, definitely add an element of surprise, and are extraordinarily comfortable. 

Contributor: Jordan Barnett from

#6 Craft a Brew

A home-brew kit from Craft a Brew is the perfect gift under $50 for dads who love a good project! Each beer brewing kit includes ingredients & reusable equipment to brew a gallon of craft beer right out of the box. Available in 20+ beer styles, including a Hefeweizen, a Chocolate Milk Stout & a Gluten Free Ale, there’s a kit for every dad’s taste!

Contributor: Kaley Komanski from

#7 Beard Care Essential Kit

My go-to gifts for the men in my life - my husband, father, and brothers - are from Cliff Originals. They produce small batch grooming and styling products for me, from hair to beard to body. The products are fantastic and the story behind the brand is inspiring. The founder named the business after his grandfather (the Original Cliff) who was a farmer in the Midwest.

Contributor: Find Jennifer P. Brown on LinkedIn

#8 Deejopocket knives

Buying Dad another necktie or coffee mug is almost as bad as listening when he claims he doesn’t want a gift. This year, get your Dad or Husband a classic yet modern gift that truly emulates his personality.

Deejopocket knives began as a desire to (re)kindle the pleasure of having a knife in your pocket for any adventure and even everyday life. Small as a pen, Deejo is easy to carry, to use, and to make it yours. Deejo can be customized at ranging from $29-$80 depending on your customization and selections.

The Deejo pocket knife is all about personalization. You can design a Deejo with just a few clicks and to the finest detail, choosing from literally several thousand customization combinations to make a Deejo that’s meaningful to your Father or Husband. Choose from a variety of tattoos, weights, finishes and handles to make a one-of-a-kind custom Deejo just for the man/dad/husband in your life.

Deejo can also be found in hundreds of stores and outlets throughout the United States, including REI, Mast General Store, and Hagan Ace Hardware (Florida).

Contributor: Deejo from

#10 C3 Head Wash for bald and buzzed domes

Let's face it, Dad doesn't need another tie or mug. Instead, give him the gift of a stellar grooming experience! The first of its kind, C3 Head Wash is specifically designed to care for bald, shaved, or buzzed heads. Head Wash cleanses without drying, and leaves skin feeling healthy, hydrated and refreshed. C3 products are all cruelty free, vegan, and made in USA.

Contributor: Melissa Stern from

#12 Collar Perfect

Collar Perfect was developed by a US Marine who wanted to take the fight to the wrinkles. It's multi-purpose design and iron-fighting functionality makes it the perfect device for any worldly traveler. Collar Perfect saves time and brings in a new way to iron - allows you to Iron In the Palm of Your Hand.

With two heated plates, garments can be ironed on both sides in a swiping action - allowing for more time enjoying the trip while still looking your best. Collar Perfect has been on the market for about one year and has over 30,000 units already sold - talk about a hot market.

Contributor: Brandon Dierker from

#13 Oktoberfest Apron – German Lederschuerze

Meet the King of Grilling' favorite grilling apron! 

Direct from Germany, this is an actual German Grilling apron for the Man who loves to Grill! 

The body of the apron is made of genuine leather and the leather look trim and the Beer Stein applique are made of simulated leather. Remember, the dirtier the apron becomes, the better it is! 

It literally gets better with age! 

Your dad, father, brother or son will be the envy of the grilling neighborhood as he flips those burgers and sips his cold beer in style.

Contributor: Bob Daknis from

#15 The Spice Lab

The Spice Lab has great gifts for fathers who love to cook. The Gourmet Salt Collections are a welcome addition to any kitchen and the Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses are perfect for tequila lovers.

Contributor: Angie Niehoff from

#16 Drynk Tumbler

Drynk is the new beverage tumbler that takes flexibility to new heights. Inside the slim, stainless steel body, vacuum technology keeps coffee hot for up to 12 hours and water or soda cold for as long as 18 hours. The bottom features a built-in anti-slip coaster but that’s not all. Each Drynk comes with two interchangeable lids. 

The Sipper boasts a magnetic latch that keeps the lid open as you drink — no more bumps on your nose. The Gulper is a wide-mouth design, perfect for guzzling down sports drinks or for pouring into the twin cups — also included with each Drynk. Drynks are available in 600 mL and 350 mL sizes, and a variety of colors.

Contributor: Martin from

#17 Golf Beer Mug

From duffers to pros, there is no shortage of gifts out there for the golfer in your life. But, until now, there has never been one that combines the sport with the allure of the 19th hole in such a unique fashion as the Golf Beer Mug

Exactly what it sounds like, this is the world’s only beer mug in the shape of a golf bag. Able to hold a full pint, dishwasher safe and guaranteed against breakage for a year, the Golf Beer Mug is the perfect present for anyone who holds a putter.

Contributor: Martin from

#18 True’s Undercounter Beverage Dispenser

True’s Undercounter Beverage Dispenser is ideal for the dad who loves his beer poured just right. Handcrafted to specifically dispense the perfect draft pour, the company’s advanced airflow technology ensures a consistently frosty, and refreshing flow. 

The unobtrusive 15” stainless-steel dispenser comes with either a single or dual tap and for indoors or out—this is one gift that won’t go out of favor! Best of all, because of the brand’s TrueFlex® shelving system, the versatile cooler is completely convertible into a wine cabinet. TruLumina LED Lighting illuminates your product with a choice of 14 different color options. Starts at $3,600.

Contributor: Nicole from

#19 Klik Belts

Klik Belts make a great gift for Fathers, once properly threaded they easily connect and disconnect, providing flexibility with style. Made with the Cobra buckle, they are durable but come in a variety of styles and colors for any occasion. Klik Belts: Upgrade Your Belt.

Contributor: Shannon Roddy from

#20 Point Two Design

Point Two Design makes custom museum quality map prints of any city or town in the world. By using environmental planning technology & design expertise these visually stunning maps make a great gift. Commemorate his hometown, favorite vacation spot, favorite sports team hometown, where he and mom met, or any other place that means most to him.

Contributor: Point Two Design

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