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12 Awesome Gift Suggestions For A Graduation

Finding a gift for graduation can be a challenge, what do you get someone who has just graduated? Well worry no more, here are 12 awesome gift suggestions for a graduation.

Each of the gifts on this list is suggested by Fupping contributors.

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#1 Littmann Stethoscope

For medical students, a Littmann stethoscope is a great gift. Even if they have one as a student, it's great to have a better model for when they start their career as a doctor. There's a huge choice of colours and Littmann also offer engraving.

Contributors: Tamsin Nicholson from Dr Felix

#2 Custom Moleskine Notebook

A custom moleskine notebook is a lovely, but less expensive present. You can get their name imprinted on it in gold followed by the letters of the degree: BA, MSc etc. This is probably the first thing they'll ever own that will have their new postnominal letters on it, so it's extra special.

Contributors: Tamsin Nicholson from Dr Felix

#3 Kaliada Initial Letter Necklace

Kaliada is a jewelry line for the high-achieving women who love to look and feel their best selves, every day.

From the company: I design effortless and versatile jewelry pieces in high-quality metals and semi-precious gemstones. The personalized touch featured on the necklace provides a sentimental and special value to the wearer. this necklace can also serve as a reminder of an affirmation word, and it comes beautifully packaged in a glass tube with a card listing several affirmation words that start with the chosen letter.

Contributors: Kaliada Padilla from Kaliada Jewelry

#4 HOTSHOT Canned Coffee

HOTSHOT Canned Coffee is changing the way you get your morning caffeine fix and it would make a great gift for grads...

HOT Canned coffee is not a new concept, in fact, in Japan, it is a $15B industry. HOTShot is redefining grab and go coffee and delivering delicious HOT coffee (in a can) to consumers who don't want to wait for brewing machines, stand in line or add more K cups to overflowing landfills.

The coffee is heated in a custom designed HOTbox, which keeps the coffee at 140 degrees, specially designed insulated labels act like a beer coozie keeping the can hot and your hand cool. Current flavors are Black Coffee, Hot Chocolate and French Vanilla. Parents can even arrange for a subscription service, so Grads never run low....

Contributors: Laura B Peet from PeetCom Inc.

#7 Toppers Spa Gift Certificate

After years of hard work, one of the best gifts to give a graduate is the gift of relaxation! All those late nights writing papers, cramming for tests and the stress of maintaining a good GPA, they've earned some time to relax! What better way to do that than with a spa gift card?!

From the company: We find that we have a lot of guests that purchase a gift card to the spa for the graduates in their life. Whether it be a massage, facial, body treatment or a luxurious manicure and pedicure, it's the gift they most likely won't buy for themselves but desperately need. With locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, Toppers Spa/Salon is always a destination that brings balance and bliss the moment you enter the doors.

Contributors: Kali Biernbaum from Toppers Spa/Salon

#8 Marion Cage Jewelry

Marion Cage is a New Orleans-based jeweler that has several fashionable pieces a recent graduate is sure to love.

  • Lettres Pendant - This pendant is a gorgeous and customized gift that your graduate will have for a lifetime. Choose their first initial, last initial, or even letter that might represent their alma mater.
  • Arpent Cuff -  This cuff comes in bronze, sterling silver, or sterling silver coated in black rhodium. This cuff is simple yet trendy, and is sure to match dozensof outfits and travel with your graduate wherever they’re off to next.

Contributors: A consultant for Marion Cage

#9 Keysie

Keysie contains keys and favorite credit cards in an all-new convenient way allowing the user to utilize this new all leather device every day.

It has a large purse grade hardware hook that easily hooks onto any strap or other hardware of another bag.

Contributors: Karen Kearsley from

#10 HAIST Designs – The Nomad Trio

A trio of bags hardwired for the hectic, every day pressures home, work and doing it all! The Nomad Trio from Nashville’s local designer gem, HAIST Designs, consists of three essential pieces, pivotal to any woman’s bag collection; the Tote, the Crossbody and the Clutch. Designed to work cohesively, the trio allows a gal the freedom to just GO…without worrying what bag is needed for what occasion.

Using an integrative concept, each piece is artfully crafted to function and fit together perfectly and conveniently, with made-to-measure pockets in the Tote that securely hold the Crossbody and Clutch. Ultimately, the Nomad Trio works together to be the most versatile and utilitarian ‘Go To’ bag. A handbag is so much more than an accessory, it is an extension of a woman’s life…her survival kit, her security blanket, her truest sense of style and personality proudly displayed on her arm or across her body.

Contributors: Katie Rose Cronin from ChicExecs Brand

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