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18 Unique Gift Ideas For A Baby Shower

When your friend shares the exciting news that they are expecting, you’ll no doubt be delighted. After the excitement passes, you’ll come crashing back to reality and realize you have to get them a gift for the baby shower. Fear not, we are here to help you. Here are 18 unique gift ideas for a baby shower.

Each of the gifts on this list is suggested by Fupping contributors.

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#1 Personal Air Quality Monitor

This is the perfect gift for young parents who care about the health of their baby. It uses most innovative sensors, which provide real-time measurements of air conditions both indoor and outside. Using Atmotube could help to prevent a lot of diseases that caused by polluted air. We believe it brings a lot of value for those who care about their health and the health of their relatives.

Contributors: Evgeniya Ulyanova from NotAnotherOne

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  1. Nice – as far as i understand it can detect air quality in the room – so you can air the room when needed. Must have for a family.

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#2 Baby Box

Finnbin is a Finnish-inspired baby box company that offers safe sleep environments in the form of a sturdy, decorative cardboard box that doubles as starter kits for new parents by coming packed with all the essential, high-quality items for a baby’s first year of life.

Finnbin boxes make for great baby gifts as they help parents feel prepared. Finnbin also partners with healthcare providers around the country who distribute boxes to parents of newborns. Finland first started giving out boxes to families in the 1930s to reduce the rate of SIDS, and they now have one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world.

Contributors: Hilary Reiter from

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#3 T Is For Tame Natural Hair Taming Cream

T IS FOR TAME'S TAMING CREAM is a brand new product specifically made for cute little ones with messy hair. The TAMING CREAM helps hair that sticks up, shoots out, or has flyaways, to lay flat for all those newborn photo ops and selfies. Moms love that it's all natural, smells great, and is portable for photos on the go.

Contributors: Becky Bavli from T is for Tame

#4 Crib-A-Peel

CribAPeel is a waterproof, fitted bed sheet with 5 layers that peel away to give you afresh, clean sheet every time. Even better, it's disposable, so no more washing sheets in the middle of the night! It fits a crib perfectly, but also comes in as large as a king sized bed, so no matter what there is a size that fits your needs.

Contributors: Faith Palmer from Peppercomm

#5 Zutano Cozie Fleece Newborn Booties

As a baby shower guest, you always want to get something cute (usually clothing) for the mama-to-be. You can make it practical too with these booties. Newborn socks and shoes are a constant battle because they simply don't stay on. The Zutano booties were the only newborn booties that actually stayed on my baby's feet. We received a pair that were in a slightly larger size, which meant she was able to get almost 6 months of wear out of them. This is a baby shower gift that is sure to be enjoyed by the recipient for months after baby arrives.

Contributors: Alli from Mom Smart Not Hard

#6 Home State Baby Shirts

Home State Baby Shirts are a huge hit at baby showers because they are fun and unique and make for great photos for the parents once the baby is here. The baby bodysuits are ultra soft and the design features the word BABY with your home state in place of the letter A. They are available for all 50 states and in a variety of colors and sizes.

Contributors: Sara Frasz from Royal MajesTees

#7 Instant Inner Peace 30″ Necklace

Being a mom is an awesome gig. It's also a highly stressful gig with little sleep and lots of overwhelm! You give this inspiring necklace to the mom-to-be to help her to channel inner peace in the middle of a busy day or busy 2am and 4am and 6am feeding!

The necklace serves as a wearable reminder to BREATHE. RELAX. REPEAT. This is the formula every mom needs to relax and stay focused on the joys, beauty and love-filled moments of motherhood! The engraved bars dangle down to be read and even used like worry beads where you can rub them together to help the mom relax. The necklace comes in gold, rose-gold and silver. The chain can be adjusted to anywhere from 32 inches to 16 inches.

Contributors: Karen Salmansohn from Not Salmon

#10 Nidö Mini

The Nidö Mini is ideal for traveling! Perfect for the beach, the park, or the playroom, it has an anti-UV coating of SPF 50+ to protect from UVA and UVB rays, sand, wind and mosquitoes. This multi-function and ultra-compact tent is ideal as a play area and is comfortable enough for baby to nap comfortably in open-air as well as at home. Equipped with a removable mat and 2 toys, it makes cleaning easier.

Includes a canopy and retractable mesh to keep mosquitoes away during play or rest periods. The “popup” system makes the folding & unfolding easy and fast. Light & ultra compact, it includes a practical carry bag for the beach or the park and even fits in your cabin luggage.

Contributors: Anza Goodbar from bbluv Group

#11 Viziö All-in-One Digital Video Baby Monitor

The bblüv Viziö is a complete and durable baby monitor to bring peace of mind to new parents. Now you can keep an eye on your precious loved one day and night, without having to walk in the room and disturbing his needed sleep. The CrystalVu™ technology gives you an impeccable motion activated sound & image during the day and lets you see your baby clearly even at night thanks to the invisible led light.

Contributors: Anza Goodbar from bbluv Group

#12 Trimö Electric Nail Trimmer

The Trimö is the perfect tool to shorten your baby’s nails without any risk of injury. The gentle filing process makes it comfortable for baby’s tiny fingers. The choice of the filing discs depending on your baby’s age will make the experience even easier.


  • Gentle & painless
  • Extremely quiet
  • Easy and Fast
  • Anti-slip edge
  • 2-speed switch
  • 4 durable filing discs included (03 m, 36 m, 612 m, 12 m+)

Contributors: Anza Goodbar from bbluv Group

#15 Binxy Baby® Shopping Cart Hammock

The Binxy Baby® Shopping Cart Hammock that simplifies trips to the grocery store with a baby. It is a must-have gift for babies ages newborn and up to when the little one can sit unassisted.

Made by a mom-of-three, the Binxy Baby® Shopping Cart Hammock is a fun, easy, convenient, and most importantly, simple way to safely hold a baby plus a basket full of groceries while shopping. Baby stays happy, safe, and content in the shopping cart while mom and dad can get their groceries done! Available in girl, boy, and gender-neutral designs.

Contributors: Anza Goodbar from Binxy Baby

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