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6 Best Leather Padfolios | Durable, High Quality and Stylish

Photo by La Compagnie Robinson on Unsplash
Photo by La Compagnie Robinson on Unsplash

Everyone wants a cool and stylish way to store all of their stationary don’t they? Well if you fall under this category then you are in the right place! Not only do the padfolios appeal to both men and women, but because they can store a whole host of accessories, ranging from paintings to notepads, they are ideal for scholars, creative designers/ journalists, and every-day business people.

#6 – The deluxe folio (Authentic Leather)
Deluxe Folio - Full Grain Leather - Lake Blue (blue)

We split our list of the best padfolios into six and starting us off is the Deluxe Folio. From the moment you lay your eyes on it you can immediately see the high-quality look that the full-grain leather gives it, as well as the stylish and, somewhat, unique design. It features a wide variety of storage compartments, which are more than capable of accommodating everything from bank cards, to sticky notes.

Not only does it have all of those compartments, but it also has a transparent slot for an Identification card, such as a driver’s license or student pass, which can be really convenient for school and college students.

Overall this is a really nice Padfolio and it can certainly be considered one of Best leather padfolios on the market!

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#5 – Col. Litten Number Eighteen padfolio.*

Closely following the deluxe notebook is the Col. Littelton padfolio, which really does scream class and excellence from the get-go! It is slightly larger than the previous one, so much so that it can actually hold a full-sized iPad, which is very convenient. Instead of just holding a piece of lined paper like most of the others it actually acts as a case for your tablet, meaning you can pull up document you made earlier, send and share work easier and generally have access to a much larger pool of accessories and programs for working.

Overall the fact that you can put your tablet in it really wins me round, because of what you can do with it, and it makes sharing things with friends and colleges easily.

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#4 – Padfolio Binder*

This padfolio comes in a wonderful brown style, with a lovely leather finish. Just like others amongst this list it really does scream excellence, especially with the lovely zips as well.

The zips create a secure place to store things like money, important documents and keys, with the binder making writing a breeze. You can simply attack the paper you want to write on, and then take it off after to show a peer or colleague.

It also features ample room for storing stationary, such as pens, pencils and even rulers. Overall the leather effect really does complete this padfolio and that is one of the main reasons why it stood out.

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#3 – Executive Padfolio Notepad*

If you want to get a clue about the quality of this notepad, then you only have to look at the name. The padfolio is aimed at executives and because of this it features premium leathers, as well as great storage options. Just like all of the other padfolios it also accommodates a notepad, which comes included.

The pouches are set out great, with enough room to fit all that you may need, not that you will need much because your underlings will be carrying all of your equipment for you. If you want to look the part and scream importance from your persona then this is definitely the padfolio for you.

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#2 – Col. Litten Number Eighteen (Tanned) padfolio.*

Earlier on, at number five in our list, we reviewed the brown leather version of this, the Col. Litten Number Eighteen notebook, but we think that the tanned version deserves a place of its own. When you look at the two side-by-side you will notice straight away how much more premium the tanned leather version looks as, in my opinion anyway, it just looks more premium and high quality. On the front you can see the double-brass button design, which gives you that extra bit of assurance you need to be confident with storing all of your work and notes in there.

Speaking of storage, it was practically made for business people, because of its simplistic design. It does the job in an elegant way without overcomplicating and over cluttering things, which I really like.

Overall the tanned colour really does make it stand out from the crowd, especially its brown counterpart, and the extra strip of brown leather through the middle is fantastic! I would recommend this to anyone who appreciates a simplistic item and this is very close to being Best leather padfolio.

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#6 – The Levenger Cordova Tyler padfolio*

In first place we have the exquisite Levenger Cordova Tyler notepad, which really is the meeting ground between stationary and class. When you take a look at it from the outside you immediately notice the lovely brown leather case, with a wonderfully stitched section off to the right hand side. Upon opening the notepad you are met with a well-presented series of storage flaps/ compartments, as well as a dedicated holder for a single pen. The padfolio also has a dedicated place for some sort of identification/ card, which can be especially handy if you want to be able to see something else whilst writing.

The compartments are spacious enough to hold pieces of paper and such, which is all you really need from a padfolio, but because it is more of a compact design, it won’t hold anything heavy duty like a calculator or tablet. It does, however, hold a nice pad of paper, with a stitched leather flap at the top. Little things like the pen holder and stitched leather are where the Levenger Cordova Tyler padfolio sets itself apart from the thousands of other pads out there. This is by far the best leather padfolio!

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