Styling Different Style Of Skirts

High waisted, pleated and split sided are only a few of the many styles of skirts that are trending right now. Many of us will see this a great opportunity to mix up our wardrobes and experiment with our style in the upcoming colder months, but, how are we meant to know how to perfectly style each type?

Below, we have listed our most popular Autumn/ Winter skirt styles and thought up the best ways to flaunt each one using shoes, fabulous tops and a range of accessories. Start winter with this skirt style guide….

How to style: The mid-length accordion skirt

Finding a perfect fitting accordion skirt can be a challenge but is key to pulling it off. It needs to hang so that the pleats aren’t to stretch and fit around your waist so that it is still comfortable to wear. If you have bigger thighs or hips this skirt will be perfect for you as it creates a slimming down illusion on the bottom half of your body due to the pleats.

The best part about this type of skirt id that it can be dressed up or down to fit the occasion. For a more chic look you can pair the skirt with a V-neck patterned top with cap sleeves or for a more casual look, pair with a slogan tee and a bomber jacket.

How to style: The pencil skirt (High waisted)

The high-waisted skirt can both mentally and physically prepare you for many occasions such as works events and formal occasions. This style of skirt is both styled easy and flattering to most body types. A neutral shade like black, grey or beige is perfectly paired with a three-quarter sleeve dress shirt.

Going to a less formal occasion? Eye-catching and contrasted, a trumpet sleeved top with the fitted style of a pencil skirt is a great match. The High-waisted feature of a pencil skirt allows you to combine with a cropped top without feeling to exposed or cold. You can accessorize depending on the formality: a few simple pieces for a professional event, and bigger pieces with coloured stones for more informal occasions. Ankle-strap heels always look amazing with this skirt style.

How to style: The Denim skirt

The ultimate and most popular casual- clothing favorite that every girl needs in her wardrobe. Although more popular in the summer, a denim skirt can definitely still be staple in the winter. A denim skirt can come in a wide range of lengths and denim washes – so you can pick your favorite and be unique.

Give off a laid-back vibe is easy to create with denim. Think comfy and casual by wearing crew-neck tees, fun colours, quirky prints and cool graphic tees. Pair this with some white chunky trainers, keep jewelry simple and wear your hair in a messy bun.

How to style: The Gypsy skirt

Floaty, free and fun, the gypsy skirt is timeless. All body shapes can rock this style of skirt but how can you perfectly flaunt it in winter?

Because of the sixties and seventies vibe a gypsy skirt gives off you need to get on board with wearing some psychedelic colours. Imagine Bright yellows, oranges and pinks paired with retro fabrics like chiffon or velvet. Obviously, a great addition to your look is tassels and bell sleeves and these famously compliment the tassel skirt. Finalize the ideal gypsy skirt outfit with chunky bangles, mood rings, hoop earrings, and sandals!

How to style: The A-line skirt

Especially for pear- shape ladies, this skirt flares from the waistband for a gorgeous drop. We recommend flaunting the outline with a fitted lace bodysuit or a simple crop top. The best part about this style of skirt is that it highlights the tiniest part of your waist.

Subtle shades that make an impact would be best to pair with the skirt. Colours such as royal blue, forest green or deep purple. A few pieces of gold jewellery and some black block heels will go best.

How to style: The Asymmetric skirt

With the Longer hemline at the back and cut short at the front, this skirt is perfect for showing some leg without revealing too much. Instead of wearing your favourite going out dress, create a cool contrast by simply adding a cropped cami or square-neck top. Never wear asymmetric tops as this would clash to much with the skirt.

Go for hoop earrings and a bangle then choose whether you want to rock flats or heels, depending on the tone of the occasion.

How to style: The Skort

The skort or the scooter skirt was a big hit in 2018. Usually sitting at your mid-thigh with an asymmetric appearance, the skort is no longer a skirt restricted to casual settings, which means you can flaunt it the next time you head out for dancing and partying with your friends.

Go for a design with a frill and pair with a long-sleeve, chiffon shirt or go for a clean-cut style that you can wear with a sweetheart neckline tee. If you want to really rock this fashion trend, pull on a band, neutral-shade v-neck top to draw people’s eye-line to your skort. Everything from wedges and Chelsea boots to trainers and high heels look incredible with a skort — so don’t hold back. All female body types can rock a skort effortlessly.

How to style: The Sarong skirt

Tied at the waist and often made from cotton, the sarong is every girl’s must-have beach piece, perfect for any winter sun getaways. With this skirt style, we say the louder and bolder the better. Go for animal, floral or geometric prints in bright and cheery colors and match with a loose-fit top or tank top.

What other footwear can you match with these apart from sandals and wedges?! Slip on a pair of gladiator sandals during days on the sand, then opt for espadrille wedges in faux suede when the sun sets over the sea. You will want to keep accessories like jewelry to a minimum with this skirt style — but why not make the most of straw hats and cute shades instead?


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