Study in an place that’s similar to the testing environment (5/24)

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How to accomplish that? Most tests are taken in quiet places with a number of other people. Outside of school or work, places like libraries or cafes often fit the bill. If your test is going to take place at a dedicated testing center where you get a personalized cubicle, working at home at your desk is a fine surrogate. While studying, do everything the way that you will on your test day. Wear similar attire and study at the same time of day if you are able. If you take the test perched up on the office chair, study that way too. You probably won’t be listening to music during the actual test, so turn it off for now and give full focus to the task at hand. The closer your study environment is to your test environment, the more streamlined your transition will be.

Contributors: Brian Radvansky from Med School Tutors

Written by Ben Skute

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