Your Mind Responds Negatively (4/16)

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Let’s say you’ve met this great guy/girl and things are going great. You’re going out on dates, texting constantly throughout the day and building your connection. But one night he/she sends a text saying, “I can’t meet up tonight, I have to work.” Only, he’s never done this before so your mind starts racing. What does this mean? Is he/she still into me? Is he with someone else? Does he/she want to break up? 

You have now built a narrative around one text message that most likely has no hidden meaning. Something may have come up and he really just needs to finish up some work. When our mind responds negatively to something sudden or a change in plans, it normally indicates that you’re over analyzing, especially if your partner has never given you a reason to not trust him/her. 

Contributors: Chantel Cohen from CWC Coaching and Therapy

Written by Ben Skute

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