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Who Has More Tattoos Women or Men?

This is a question we get asked all the time at Mr. Inkwells Classy Tattoos. And the answer may surprise you…

The popularity of tattoos in America right now is at an all time high. Over 40% of Adults have at least one tattoo, and of 75% of those who have tattoos have multiple tattoos.

Among millennials, tattoos are even more popular, with about 75% over the age of eighteen having a tattoo or more. And we get more and more people through our doors every day, so I am sure that percentage is going to do nothing but increase as time goes by.

Some areas of the country have even higher rates. For example in Southern California where Mr. Inkwells is located, I would say about 80-90% of people ages 18-34 have at least one tattoo, if not many more.

For years the world of tattoos in the United States has been dominated by men. However, times have changed, as tattoos become more of the societal norm, and more and more women are getting inked.

So, is it possible that women have more tattoos than men now?

That question has a few parts so let’s break it down:

Men in the USA do have more tattoos as a whole, meaning that if you took all the adults of any age in the country more men would have tattoos than women. But. is that the whole story? Not quite…

If we were going to look at who has more tattoos men or women millennials, ladies have the edge. But wait, there’s more…

Who is getting more tattoos today? What percent of men and women are getting tattoos is 2018?

Drum roll….

Sorry guys, the women are running away with this one.

This number may surprise some but close to 80% of the people walking into a tattoo shop to inked are women!

That’s right if this trend keeps up the ladies will overcome the lead of men in the next decade. Erasing a nearly seventy year head-start.

Equality in ink.

Girl Power

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Written by Tyler Martina

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