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How To Take Advantage Of Alexa And Other Text To Voice Consumer Services As A Small Business

Amazon’s Alexa and other text to voice consumer services are increasingly becoming the go-to software for consumers. But they have several uses for small businesses as well. If you want to take advantage of the coming revolution, then these are some ways you can do just that…

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#1 Voice search via Alexa

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Voice search via Alexa, smartphones, and other devices is a treasure trove of semantic keyword data. Optimizing solely for a rigid keyword list is no longer enough for an SEO campaign; small businesses need to take advantage of how consumers speak when they search, then integrate that natural framework into their content.

This is known as VEO, or voice engine optimization. To do this, it's helpful to create high-quality answers to the questions customers ask and integrate these answers in highly visible areas of your business website. Remember that voice search only delivers the top result, so you need to strive to provide THE BEST answer.

This strategy improves the likelihood that the business's web pages will stand out in mobile search for conversational phrases, 'Near Me' searches, and other queries where device interaction is starting to change how consumers find goods and services online.

Contributors: Tammy Smith from Page 1 Solutions, LLC

#2 Create Helpdesk tickets using Alexa

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Rather than offering a fully staffed phone support option, businesses can create an Alexa skill to provide first tier support. The skill can offer product how-to support and provide support to common questions. The same skill can also provide up-sell opportunities. If they have further questions then the skill can contact the company directly to assist with the query.

Contributors: Amar Trivedi from AmDee

#3 Use Alexa to start your conference calls, No Access Codes Requir

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The quality of smart speakers is beginning to rival that of the speaker phones.  For quick access to your conference calls, you can dedicate an Echo to your conference room and pair it with Branded Bridge Line's conference call service.

This allows you to walk into a conference room and say Hey Alexa, start my conference call. Alexa will connect to the dedicated Branded Bridge Line associated with the device, eliminating the need to memorize a phone number and access code. The integration between your device and the conference call service is simple.  Branded Bridge Line support can get you setup in minutes.

Contributors: Tammie Childs from Branded Bridge Line

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