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Protect Your Back With One of These 12 Best Office Chairs For Your Back

This article showcases our top picks for the ‘best office chairs for your back’. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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AmazonBasics Classic Puresoft PU-Padded Mid-Back Office Computer Desk Chair

This product was recommended by Samantha Moss from Romantific

For budget-conscious, this chair is the right fit. It has a padded seat and back that provides comfort throughout the day. It is very lightweight and is easy to move, so you can easily do multitasking. You can also easily adjust the height depending on your needs. It comes with a complete manual that is easy to understand, making the assembling a breeze.

Hbada Office Task Desk Chair Swivel Home Comfort Chairs

This product was recommended by Sonya Schwartz from Her Norm

If you’re looking a chair where you can flip up its arms and adjust its height then this is the chair for you. This elegantly designed chair works best to alleviate spinal and back pain. Plus if you have a tight office space, you can just flip its arms and place it on top of your table.

BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back

This product was recommended by Sonya Schwartz from Her Norm

If you’re looking for a budget friendly chair, this chair is for you. With its breathable and durable design, surely you can sit in this chair for hours in a day. And it has a built in lumbar support that helps your back issues and it comes with a headrest

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

This product was recommended by Gina Harper from Harper’s Nurseries

This is an office chair that offers your back and neck the support; it requires long working hours. It has a self-adjusting backrest that reduces the stress and tension that comes from working long hours. It also has an adjustable tilt that allows you to tailor the chair depending on your specific needs. The office chair has a robust headrest with adjustable height and angle, enabling you to position your neck appropriately.

Drafting Chair Tall Office Chair

This product was recommended by Dave Hoch from BigCupofCoffee

I like this chair as I use a standing desk and sometimes you just want to sit down comfortably. It’s has arm rails, a mesh back, foot ring, and you can adjust the height to fit your standing desk. I highly recommend this chair.

Elevate Designer Task Chair

This product was recommended by Franco Nidea from Corner Nook

The Elevate Designer Task Chair features a mesh back with adjustable lumbar support and swiveling 3D adjustable armrests with a waterfall silhouette that encourages proper posture. A tall back and double woven mesh produce breathable support, while a high-density and adjustable seat cushion makes a full day of work feel like a breeze.

iOO Ergonomic Mesh Chair

This product was recommended by Franco Nidea from Corner Nook

The iOO features a unique mesh backrest that has two different sections. The lumbar section is separated from the top portion of the back so that it can act independently with the support it provides. The lumbar support has a natural curve and the height adjustable backrest allows you to place it right in the curve of your back.

Elea Chair by Fellowes

This product was recommended by Franco Nidea from Corner Nook

The Fellowes Elea™ Chair allows you to sit comfortably, move naturally and be well. Its suspended seat inherently adapts to your body’s natural movements, allowing for a significantly more active workday. Alloy steel rods and suspended seat pan supports and responds to your every move. It has an aluminum chassis design that provides support to carry you through your day. Breathable mesh seat and back provides enhanced air flow for comfort. This chair has adjustable tension to customize tilt movement for posture and lumbar support, with tilt lock lever to set any of three favorite recline positions.

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

This product was recommended by Edie Reads from CorrieCooks

I am a full-time freelancer and I started out with a makeshift home office. Soon, back pains started, I bought an ‘office chair’ and the situation only escalated. While reviewing my case with the doctor, he said it must be the chair and asked that I invest in a proper and ergonomic office chair. The only problem with this was that I consider myself tall, and my ‘home office’ is relatively small (eked out of the living room). I set out shopping for a budget-friendly chair for tall people working in constrained spaces. A friend recommended the Steelcase Gesture Office Chair that takes care of every freelancer’s pain points. It has a headrest and lumbar support that work in sync to provide continued support. Its arms swivel like those of a human being, ensuring that your arms and shoulders are always supported regardless of your sitting position. Plus the seat is also quite sturdy.

Eurotech Vera Mesh Chair

This product was recommended by Eric Smith from Kool Stories Ltd

Eurotech Vera very comfortable with great back support and comfortable-enough seat pan. Eurotech Vera provides excellent lower back support while rotation or slightly forward.

Humanscale Diffrient Smart Chair

This product was recommended by Eric Smith from Kool Stories Ltd

Humanscale Diffrient Smart Chair encompasses with unique, eye-catching linear design. Diffrient Smart Chair allows to sit and upright in the chair comfortably for tasking.

Hbada Reclining Office Desk Chair

This product was recommended by James Pearson from Eventuring

If you are looking for a budget-friendly office chair that is ergonomic, stylish and comfortable, HBADA Reclining Office Chair is the best choice for you. This chair is priced under $250 yet equally provides the comfort and style that expensive brands can offer. The back and headrest are designed to adapt to the natural shape of your body. Thus, providing the perfect comfort and excellent ergonomics that you are looking for. Its breathable mesh will come in handy during the summertime as it allows the air to cool your body during work. Moreover, the headrest can be adjusted 30 degrees to your left and right providing flexibility even while multitasking. Aesthetically-wise, its stylish look makes it the sought after office chair.. Its white exoskeleton design combined with the black frame takes a futuristic look for a chair. Likewise, the best feature of this is its ability to recline up to 155 degrees that let you feel cozy and relaxed when you need to take a break or a power nap. Its retractable footrest combining with the 155-degree recline provides the ultimate comfort that your body needs against the demanding tasks of everyday office life.

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