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Can PEMF Cure Neuropathy?

What is Neuropathy? How can it cure? Which is being hailed as an innovative treatment for neuropathy or nervous disorder. PEMF is a safe and effective therapy to reduce pain intensity and sensation scores in a small trial of patients with neuropathy.

Whatever the underlying reason, neuropathy is painful and can interfere with everyday life. But PEMF treatment available which ease the symptoms of neuropathy. It is a safe, convenient, and cost-effective way to reduce the symptoms of neuropathy. PEMF therapy can achieve the same effects without any side effects or addiction risk while other conventional treatments include medication for pain relieve.

What is Neuropathy

Neuropathy or nerve damage, can be a result of various health conditions including diabetes, damage to the peripheral nerves, or symptoms of other issues.

The peripheral nervous system relaying information from your brain and central nervous system (spinal cord) to the rest of your body, also transmits signals in the form of sensory input to your central nervous system. Pain signals are given out when these nerves are damaged to let you know that anything is wrong.

Neuropathy or nervous disorder is the result of chronic pain, which cause difficulty in daily activities. Your brain’s experience of pain may eventually shift as a result of the persistent barrage of pain signals sent out by these injured nerves. This means that the pain may still be felt even after the damage has healed.

Causes and symptoms of Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy can cause weakness, pain, and numbness in hands and feet in result of damage to the nerve located outside of the spinal cord or brain. It may also have an impact on many body processes like digestion, circulation, and urination.

There are numerous conditions that can induce peripheral neuropathy. However, additional underlying conditions can include traumatic damage, autoimmune illness, genetic diseases, infections, malignancies, bone marrow problems, dietary shortages, and toxin exposure. But Diabetes is one of the most common causes of neuropathy.

One of the main causes of nontraumatic amputations and a prevalent microvascular consequence of diabetes is diabetic neuropathy. A commonly accepted definition of diabetic peripheral neuropathy is the existence of symptoms and/or indications of peripheral nerve damage in patients with diabetes after ruling out other causes.

Depending on the illness that underlies the neuropathy, there might be a variety of symptoms, but they frequently include stabbing, burning, or tingling feelings. Since different types of nerves in your peripheral nervous system serve different purposes, the pain you experience will depend on which nerve is injured.

The skin provides sensory information to sensory nerves, such as temperature, touch, and pain. Muscle movement is controlled by motor nerves, and other bodily processes including urination, digestion, heart rate, and blood pressure are managed by autonomic nerves.

PEMF Therapy in Neuropathy

PEMF therapy uses low frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields to stimulate the natural healing process of damaged tissues by energy activation at cellular level. Various Heated pillows or PEMF pads are available at Healthy Line to overcome the effect of neuropathy.

PEMF heated pillows are an easy way to apply heat radiation on different body areas, depending on where your pain starts. Understanding the origin of your pain ( where damage occurs) is very important since the location may differ greatly from where you actually experience pain due to the nerve impulses delivered to your brain.

A combination method that also treats the brain or down the spine is frequently the most successful, since it tackles both the cause of the pain and the pain signals being transmitted. Because of this, I frequently suggest more powerful PEMF devices that enable simultaneous whole-body and local treatments.

PEMF Therapy – A long term relief

PEMF therapy, when used regularly over a long period of time, can provide significant levels of pain reduction that improve everyday life without any of the drawbacks of conventional treatments.

PEMF heated pillows or other devices are safe alternatives to medications, which frequently have a variety of negative side effects, including a high risk of addiction. While PEMF therapy provides a viable, long-term alternative, especially if you invest in a machine for home usage, these drugs are designed for short-term use.

Owning a PEMF device enables chronic illnesses to be treated over an extended period of time. A home system is an even greater investment because it may be used by several family members to treat future injuries and ailments. Now is the time to learn what PEMF therapy can do for you if you have been dealing with neuropathy-related discomfort. You might require help choosing the optimal PEMF therapy unit for your unique needs because there is no “one-size-fits-all” method.

PEMF heated pillows or other devices are a very long-term therapeutic solution to cure Neuropathy which may result from many chronic conditions. At the very least, PEMF treatments should continue until the discomfort is effectively controlled. In an ideal world, therapy would continue long after the pain went away to ensure that the underlying cause is properly addressed.




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