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You Look Fabulous! How to Find Your Fashion Style

Fashion is a nearly $300 billion industry in the US. We’re always searching for a way to look good and express ourselves through what we wear.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the trends? Not sure what styles work best for you?

Don’t stress. Our guide on how to find your fashion style will have you looking stylish in your own way in no time!

Know Yourself

Figure out your body shape and what colors work best on you is key to building your new look from the ground up.

Some things we love, such as a washed-out blush color or extra wide cropped leg pants, just don’t flatter us. Find the tones and silhouettes that make you look best and go from there.

Gather Style Inspo

Look in fashion magazines or on sites like Instagram for inspiration. When you see something you like, put it into a personal style guide file.

You can create a mood board from cut out magazine pics or a Pinterest board. See if there’s a common theme and start searching for clothes that match.

Invest in Classics

It’s worth it to splurge on good quality basics that you know you’ll use over and over again. Look into classic bags by Saint Laurent or high-quality leather shoes that can upgrade any outfit.

Fashion giant Karl Lagerfeld famously said, “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress”. Invest in yourself and spend a little more on versatile basics that can go the distance.

The WOW Factor

You’ve got your basics. You know what works and what doesn’t for your body type.

Add on pops of color, texture, and structure that make you happy and give your outfits that WOW factor. It can be something like a neon yellow coat or a pair of sparkly boots.

You can go subtle, with some light blue sunglasses or a dark green belt. Whatever shows off your style and makes you look uniquely you is a must.


A big key to looking stylish in your own way is to take away what doesn’t work. As you build your wardrobe, edit your closet to make sure it reflects your new style.

Take note of the pieces you wear most month to month. If you feel especially great in a certain outfit, take a photo and add it to your inspiration board.

Feel Good, Look Good

At the end of the day, what makes you look best is feeling comfortable and happy with who you are. If your outfit doesn’t make you feel great, try something else on.

Life is too short to wear something that makes you unhappy. Keep experimenting and searching for clothes that express who you are.

Know-How to Find Your Fashion Style

These tips and tricks will show you how to find your fashion style. Once you start searching for your unique look, you’re sure to find it.

Know that your personal style will change over the years. Keep experimenting and have fun to ensure you always look your best.

We’ve got more information on how to express your unique style. Check out more of our guides to upgrading your life in our lifestyle section!

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