5 Best Designer Handbags for Women

Handbags are the style statement and an important utility accessory for women. There are a number of popular brands of handbags available in the market. Every season new handbag trends come in the world of accessories. Luxury handbags uplift your attire and have an appeal that will never fade. The popular designer handbags come with a big price tag. However, they are worth each of your penny spent. We have mentioned the 5 best designer handbags for women.

Loewe Puzzle Bag

Loewe bags have been designed by the designer Jonathan Anderson. He had described it as a soft, pliable bag that moves really well. According to him it’s a new language in a bag. The brand was a great success. Last summer, they had launched jumbo, super-luxury, leather logo basket bags which became very popular. Anderson developed this style further for its launch in summer 2019. Latest versions have cool handle detailing and alternative straw weaves.

Fendi Baguette

Fendi Baguette’s handbags are a small pochette that can easily sit under any arm just like a loaf of French bread. Silvia Venturini Fendi designed the bag in 1997 which became famous because of the TV series Sex and the City. It was the first bag which was treated like a garment and is available in various sizes, colors and finishes.

Lady Dior Bag

Lady Dior is named after Princess Diana and is one of the best choices of handbags for women. It was designed in 1995 and was given as a gift to Princess Diana by the France’s former first lady Bernadette Chirac. The handbag instantly gained popularity after a magazine featured Lady Diana carrying it around. Just like Fendi Baguette, Lady Dior also made its biggest comeback.

Louis Vuitton Graffiti Bag

There are two iconic bags from Louis Vuitton- Graffiti and the Speedy. Graffiti was designed by Stephen Sprouse in 2000 and commissioned by Marc Jacobs. The brand became a huge success after Paris Hilton started carrying it around along with her sister Nicky. In fact Graffiti handbag started the craze of the whole Louis Vuitton designer handbags.

Balenciaga Classic City Bag

If you love to experiment with watercolor effects, go for the Balenciaga’s Classic City Bag. The brand’s The First bag was not so popular. Then Classic City bag was designed by Nicolas Ghesquière. The handbag is one of the favorites of Kate Moss’. The bag is available in different colors and is extremely comfortable. The practical and elegant style of the bag is suitable for any occasion.

Things to be considered before buying a handbag

Type of leather used

Go for the one which is made of full-grain leather which is top-quality leather. As you use this type of leather it appears even more fantastic. Avoid using bags made of bonded leather.

The process of tanning used

There are two types of tanning processes which are used – chrome tanning and vegetable tanning. The Chrome tanned leather is the one which uses chromium and other harsh chemicals whereas the Vegetable-tanned leather is produced in an eco-friendly manner by using natural materials.

If you are against animal cruelty, opt for high-quality vegan leather. Make sure that you don’t go for regular PU vegan leather, but look for something solid that doesn’t scratch, break or peel. Vegan leather with microfiber backing is one of the strongest vegan leather materials at the market today and is even more durable than animal leather.

Durability and handwork of the handbag

Whenever you have to select the best handbag, mostly two things are involved: a careful selection of leather and another is precise stitching. The full-grain leather makes the most durable bags and if you go for a cheaper alternative then top-grain leather will work for you. The handwork done on the handbag should be straight, without any loose threads and barely noticeable.

Hardware used in the handbag

Before buying a bag, carefully inspect the quality of all the little parts like buckles, handles, locks, metallic rings, shoulder strap fittings and zippers.

Color of the handbag

Black and dark brown colored handbags are suitable for professional environments whereas tan and lighter brown for a more casual or relaxed environment. It is better to avoid bags with more than 2 different colors or which have stitching with a contrasting color.


Whether you go for a brand new collection of a handbag or a vintage one, you can always invest in the most popular luxurious brands. The rich and aristocracy class ladies love to flaunt their handbags and is one of their style statements. After all the designer handbags are the ultimate hottest accessory choices.

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