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The Secret to Cool Confidence this Summer is in Your Bra!

While most of us love the summer for the longer days, beautiful sunshine, and a vacation, it’s the summer heat that can make us feel sweaty, uncomfortable, and lower our self-esteem. In the past, solutions to this problem included not wearing a bra, wearing a cotton bra with limited or light support, or just suffering through it all. Forget all of the tricks that you’ve heard about to make you feel better, such as powders, deodorants and creams. A cooling bra with the latest fabric and design technologies are no match for keeping you comfortable in the hot weather.

The good news is that women no longer have to choose between a bra that allows them to feel cool and comfortable over a bra the provides shape and support. Technology is not just for the latest version of your mobile device or smart tv. Advanced design, fabric technology, and manufacturing techniques found in activewear apparel that enhances performance, such as moisture wicking and cooling, are also found in pretty lingerie!

“The performance that is loved in athleticwear has been transformed into cooling bra technology that keeps women comfortable in the summer months or when going through life changes, medical conditions, or for people that seem to be warmer than everyone else! DLI has helped companies develop bras with hi-tech features that are also beautiful and functional. Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear, and cool comfort is the key to confidence in the summertime,” says Dora Lau, founder and president of Dora L. International (DLI).

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Photo caption: example of cooling bras from Catherines & Soma

Understanding the Difference Between Cooling and Breathability

Do a Google search for cooling bras and you’ll often find that many stories about managing the heat talk about solutions that are breathable and not cooling. It’s an important distinction. What is the difference between cooling and breathability, and how can you tell the difference? Cooling bras literally make your body temperature feel cooler. When you put the fabric against your skin there is a cold sensation that is the result of using high-tech cooling yarns. Breathable bras are designed to allow the air to breath or flow through the fabric. This offers more comfort from the breathable design, but the yarns used will not make you feel cooler.

The Best Type of Cooling Bras

The best options are bras that have a silky microfiber material, breathable mesh details, and an open back to help keep things cool. In fact, finding the right material is the key to the best cooling bras, and the best options use a microfiber that feels like a second skin. Even lace, which is essential for a truly beautiful bra, can have cooling properties since it’s the fiber’s properties that help with lowering body temperature. “DLI spends a significant amount of time and research on materials and testing the newest fibers that translate trends into viable products that women will love. In the case of cooling bras, we have a large network of resources that allow us to create a ‘best in class’ solution that women of every shape and size will love,” comments Lau.

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Photo caption: example of cooling bras from Wacoal, Hanes & Vanity Fair

Technology Behind Cooling Bras

Bras with cooling technology may look like your other bras, but they are carefully designed using cutting-edge technologies to resist moisture, keep your body cooler for longer, and are made of fabrics that are specifically engineered to offer support and comfort. The best cooling bras offer the newest fiber technologies with permanent properties such as moisture wicking, breathability, cooling, odor neutralizing abilities, are ecologically sustainable, and use renewable materials. What makes the technology so innovative is the advancement of yarns that have natural cooling properties as part of their DNA – the technology and benefits are built right in.

Passing the Test

When cooling bras were being developed, the DLI team used research from thermal imaging which shows the difference between body heat when wearing a “normal bra” versus one using cooling fabrics.  Wear testing is also a critical part of ensuring that both technology and that design “work together” with the intended style and purpose. Cooling bras developed by DLI have both cooling fabric and breathable pads to enable air flow in addition to the cool to touch fabric which wicks moisture away from the body. Another technology, 3D design, allows for illustrating and sharing with clients.

“The development of cooling bras takes a scientific approach with an eye for fashion, function, and sophistication. At DLI, new technologies are always tested and substantiated before they can be used. Before that even happens, DLI acts as a partner with brands to learn more about what their customers want and what new technologies match up with needs in terms of the greatest benefit,” says Lau. “So, when you are looking to beat the summer heat, know that it’s cool to know your fabric technologies!”

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