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How to Buy Safe Toys

This review is dedicated to providing parents with advice on how to make sure that the objects their children play with bring nothing but joy and how handmade wooden toys might become a perfect solution to keep everyone safe. We will use wooden toy sets as an example to illustrate the whole process of estimating the risks while making a decision on the toy’s safety.

What to Avoid

One might think that if the product made it to the shelf, it bears no harm due to the existing safety standards. Unfortunately, the statistics are ruthless and prove those people wrong, because every year thousands of kids suffer from toys related injuries. Therefore, it is vital to exclude any potential danger from the play process. If you want your little precious to remain safe and sound, then do your best to avoid:

  • Toys that contain small pieces. Kids like to bite, chew and taste things. Of course, they would try to do it with a new plaything, and if a piece is not large enough, this might result in choking.

  • Shooting toys. Bruises are the least damaging consequence, in the worst-case scenario, it might result in eye injuries and choking.

  • Loud toys. The noises would not only drive you crazy but also might cause a child’s hearing impairment.

  • Toys with unattached ribbons and strings, so there is no possibility of accidental strangling.

  • Low-quality toys. If it falls apart, the fragments might be small enough to fit into the child’s mouth. In case a stuffing comes out, a kid might also presume it is worth tasting. If swallowed, these objects might cause suffocation. Not to mention that sharp and rough edges often lead to cuts and scrapes.

  • Toys from thin plastic. Ensure that the material is strong enough and will not break into sharp tiny pieces.

  • Toys that incorporate poisonous materials.

  • Hobby kits and chemical sets, unless your child is old enough and knows how to use them.

  • Electric toys that are not “UL Approved”.

How to Make the Right Decision

Parents should not treat their responsibilities lightly and consider every detail thoroughly prior to buying a toy. The instructions are simple: read the label and find the answers to these questions:

  • Is it safe?

  • Will my child be able to understand how to use it?

  • Would it be interesting for my kid to play with?

Let’s take a look at wooden toy sets and determine whether they are worth buying. First, their safety level is close to ideal: timber is natural, their coating and decorations are made with non-toxic materials, they are durable, they don’t shoot, explode or make loud noises. Second, their quality is impeccable, they are handmade and carefully crafted. The design is simple and easy to comprehend. However, wooden sets are best suited for children who are just starting to explore the world, so they could learn about all nature’s components, like animals and trees, in a playful and colorful manner. Elements that compose the set are easy to hold and great for developing motor skills, but they’re also might be those that are small enough for toddlers to swallow, so keep that in mind.

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