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7 Sure-fire Ways to Improve Your Sexual Performance

Well, we all have heard stories of sex blunders. Be it the bed being too dirty, being walked on by someone, or something which is the most common one, the guy climaxing too fast.

We all wish that our real sex lives were just the way movies portrayed them to be. But it is not. In real life, the couple never climaxes together. In real life, we consider sex to be like ordering pizza. Some people like classic Margaritas, while some people like pineapples. Everyone has a different sexual preference and this is what makes sex and the art of lovemaking beautiful.

But whatever the sexual preference is, to be good in bed, you always need to work on boosting your sexual performance. Remember most men fail to pleasure their partner’s the first time but that’s just a lack of experience. But if it keeps happening, you need to do something about it like following certain lifestyle tips that will help you improve your sexual performance.

Below, I have rounded up seven tips that will make you better in bed.

1. You are what you eat

Like all the other things in life, in bed too, you are what you eat. Munching on highly processed food does you no good in bed. The idea is to have a diet mixed with all the macros. This includes protein, carbs, and fats.

A high-carb diet is known to boost testosterone which further enhances your sex drive and performance. But at the same time, if you are having a high-carb diet without working out regularly, you are set to gain weight. Being overweight will in turn reduce sex drive.

2. Stop being so stressed

We have had so many cases where men were dealing with erectile dysfunction and there was no medical condition behind it. The reason was stress.

Stress impacts every aspect of your life and your sex life is a part of it. Being stressed out means that your body is secreting the hormone cortisol which decreases testosterone levels in the body.

3. Start training frequently

Working out has a lot of benefits and improved sex life is one of them. Working not only makes you look attractive but also improves your sexual strength and stamina.

There is science behind why women like men who are physically well built. This is because they reflect high testosterone levels which are essential for increasing sexual abilities. Plus, working out helps release hormones known as endorphins, also known as feel-good hormones.

However, you need to remember, working out is not just about lifting her even Pilates. Iavyweights. It can be aerobic exercise, running, jogging, playing a sport, doing Zumba, yoga, it is important to do what you love and be consistent at it!

4. Alcohol and drugs do you no good

You might think that after getting drunk, you always feel like doing it but ask yourself, are you at your best in the act when you are drunk?

It is now proven that after getting drunk, men aren’t able to maintain their erections, forget about lasting long enough. Same for drugs.

5. Spicing things up

Most couples face problems in their sex lives once the honeymoon phase is over. That is, they have been exploring each other for quite a while now and have tried every position in the book. This is when boredom kicks in.

Now they start wondering sex is routine. Nope, it’s not. You just need to know how to spice things up. Introduce sex toys, add more foreplay, do more oral. Don’t settle when it comes to your bedroom! 😉

6. Choosing the right condom

Condoms aren’t only essential for safe sex (which is a must) but choosing the right condom can help you last longer as well. This is because they act as a thin layer that helps desensitize the man’s penis and help him prolong the orgasm. It also gives the women enough time to orgasm.

From dotted condoms to snug condoms, there are so many out there for you to explore and pick your favorite!

7. Communication is the key

Talking about sex is as sexy as when you are in the act. But most couples hesitate to talk about it. But like I said, every person wants it differently and how will you find it out if you don’t talk.

When you are doing it, what’s the shame in talking about it? Learn to talk about sex even outside your bedroom as well and see how much of a difference it makes.

That is, guys. It all boils down to your lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means you are going to have a healthy sex life as well.

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