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Own Expensive Jewelry? Use Jewelry Repair Tips For Help

Jewelry is a prized possession of a woman. The first time you purchase any ornament, it is shiny and gleams bright. However, over time, this shine tends to simmer down. Your jewelry becomes more susceptible to damage.

It is crucial to take good care of your precious ornaments to prolong their life and durability. However, some damages are inevitable, and once they happen, you need to get your jewelry repaired or even replaced.

Replacement of jewelry can be very costly. So, it is better to get them repaired. So, if you are looking to get their jewelry repaired, this is the article for you.

It enlists some of the tips and tricks that jewelers have up their sleeves that they employ in repairing your jewelry and making them as good as new.

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Jewelry Storage

One of the first things you should consider to prolong the life of your jewels is assigning a proper storage space for them. Different gemstones are suited for distinct storage locations.

For example – Silver, if kept in the open, can become oxidized over time. To prevent this from happening, you should store it in airtight containers.

Furthermore, the containers should be big enough to ensure that your jewelry pieces don’t touch each other. By doing this, you will ensure that your ornaments are not scratched.

Annual Jewelry Servicing

It is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, it would be best if you got your jewelry inspected by jewelry experts annually. Doing this will allow them to figure out any likely issues with your ornaments and repair them well in time.

Some of the potential issues might include a thinning band, loose gemstones, worn prongs, etc.

Reputed Seattle Jewelers can repair your jewels with ease. You can rest assured your jewelry has been checked, and its life has been elongated for at least a year.

No Swimming Pools

Due to the presence of a large amount of chlorine in swimming pools, it is not a suitable place for your jewels. The chlorine might damage your gemstones and even discolor them. In addition, dipping your jewelry in the swimming pool will also compromise its integrity.

Hence, it is better to avoid swimming pools as long as you are wearing your ornaments. However, if you find a damaged piece of jewelry, consult an expert, and they will restore it for you.

Pearl Care

Pearl necklaces are the adoration of any woman’s jewelry box. However, they are also the ones that require utmost care. Therefore, it is imperative to get them restrung over time.

It would be best not to clean them with water and soap since it might compromise their integrity. Furthermore, if you are not wearing your pearl necklace, don’t leave it hanging.

Diamond Care

Despite the hardest gemstones, Diamonds are not indestructible. If struck the right way, they can break or, at the very least, develop some cracks.

Some diamonds are more susceptible to damage as compared to others. Therefore, once a diamond has been chipped, it will have to be re-cut into a smaller one.

Some expert jewelers can also repair those diamonds by covering them with one of the prongs.

Wash Your Ornaments using Water and Soap

Sometimes, the easiest way is also the most effective one. Many jewelers make grand promises assuring their clients of providing the best possible service. However, if you can repair your jewelry at home, why would you go to a jeweler?

If you have a piece of ornament made from precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum that are losing their sheen, you can quickly restore them at your home.

Wash them using warm water and soap. Doing this will restore the ornaments’ luster and make them as good as new.

Final Word

Your jewelry can be custom-made or bought recently, it does not matter. When it comes to its repair, it is the job of experts, and it is better to leave it to them. Yes, you can take the necessary steps of storing them properly to prolong their life.

However, it’s better to spend some bucks with expert repair than to live with the regret of damaging a precious jewelry piece while trying to repair it yourself.

Do you have anything to say about the tips mentioned in this article? Let us know in the comments!

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